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The rebuild of was a success, it looks great! But as always, something breaks and issues crop all over the places. This page lists these issues to help keeping track of them.

Broken links:

Main page





  • ⚠ Warning It appears there is not a redirect in place for the old "resources page" URLs:****/ does not redirect to individual resource pages. This means every link to a resource page prior to the new website launch is now broken.

-It appears this has been semi-fixed: With minimal initial testing, it appears that old Resources URLs will now redirect to the proper page as long as there is no trailing text following the ID number. In other words, the old would ignore trailing text in URLs, allowing for a high context identifier (usually some form of the article title) to follow, so that one could tell what resource the URL led to. So the original would list, but the tail text could have said anything (or nothing), and it would still get to the proper page. Now that link returns an error. It is only if the user follows does he get to the right page.

Can we get to again ignore trailing text strings if an ID number is given? This was quite helpful for various situations when a trailing text is useful, while in others it is not. (Also obviously it would restore countless links that are currently broken.)

  • Resource links still broken (even with just ID and no tail string)
    • [1] (Study Guide to Human Action)
  • The HTML versions of these books seem to be gone, leading to broken links like these:
  • The resource pages of these books are missing either the PDF version or the epub version, or both:

Missing/broken images


  • ⚠ Warning It appears there is not a redirect in place for the old media page URLs:****/ does not redirect to individual media pages. There is a redirect in place now...except it doesn't lead to the proper pages!...
  • Examples:
    • used to lead to "Applying Economics to American History," a lecture by Tom Woods. Now it leads to "The Denier of Academic Freedom" by Walter Block.
    • used to lead to "Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle" (unsure of which year, as Garrison did at least three talks with that title). Now it leads to Section VIII of "The Driver" by Garet Garrett.
    • used to lead to "How 'Mainstream' Economics Miseducates About Money and the Fed" by Thomas J. DiLorenzo - Mises Media(Audio File). Now it leads to "The Anti-Educational Effects of Public Schools" by Gennady Stolyarov II.

This means every link to a media page with this format prior to the new website launch is STILL broken. And as one can imagine, this is worse than simply returning an error, as it actually sends the reader to the completely wrong and irrelevant resource.

  • Journals like Explaining Malinvestment and Overinvestment or Is "Malinvestment" enough to go bust? Fixed
    • All the links I checked redirected properly, but instead of going directly to the PDF, they go to the Resources page for that document. Not sure if that's a good policy or not. At the very least it seems odd to have URLs that look like a direct link to a PDF (indeed, they end in ".pdf") end up going to an HTML page. It could be confusing for people as well as systems, and it's possible that will hurt the intended usability/convenience of the links in certain scenarios. Is there some reason this was changed?
  • Resources page for Man, Economy and State, Study Guide or store links: Man, Economy and State (Scholar's Edition) Fixed
    • I noticed the store link redirects to the Resources page (where there is a link to the store page). The store page link there is almost identical to the one here. Is there any reason we would not want the old store link to redirect directly to the store?



  • the Products item in the top menu of the Store shows a submenu on mouseover, but moving the mouse over the submenu makes it disappear (WinXP+FF33/CR38)



Display/design issues