Roger Garrison

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Roger Garrison
Austrian School of Economics
Birth 1944 (age 78–79)
Joplin, Missouri
Nationality American
Institution Auburn University
Field Macroeconomics
Alma mater University of Virginia
University of Missouri
Influences Ludwig von Mises

Roger Wayne Garrison (born 1944 in Joplin, Missouri) is a professor of economics at Auburn University, Alabama and adjunct scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

He is a proponent of the Austrian School of economics and wrote the book Time and Money, which presents a graphical framework for capital-based macroeconomics and offers a critique of Keynesian graphical analysis. Garrison received an electrical engineering degree in 1967 from the University of Missouri–Rolla and a masters degree in economics from the University of Missouri–Kansas City in 1974. Garrison received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Virginia in 1981. Garrison has lectured all over the world, including the London School of Economics.

Mark Skousen, in Vienna and Chicago refers to Garrison as "one of the premier Austrian macroeconomists today." (p. 113)