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Silver Circle is the first feature-length film from Lineplot Productions in Cambridge, MA. The film is a political, thriller-romance currently in post-production.

The film is currently in post-production and is set to be released this Fall. The first submission date is the Sundance Film Festival deadline on September 3, 2011. Silver Circle will be submitting to Sundance as well as other top-tier film festivals (Toronto International Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival) before it is released in theaters and DVD format.

The concept of the film began in 2008 when Director/Producer/Owner of the studio, Pasha Roberts, saw Lehman Brothers crash at the start of the financial crisis and said, "Hey this is a cool story to tell." Pasha Roberts is long-time liberty activist and previously did animation work in the corporate arena and moved to more creative projects like his successful "Save Sonny" webisodes, which received over 2.5 Million views through

After Pasha nailed down the direction for the film it was entitled, Schumpeter's Gale after the Austrian-Economist, Joseph Schumpeter who popularized the term "creative destruction". As the film developed to focus more on alternative currency the film name changed to its current and final title Silver Circle. In the beginning of 2010 the premise of the film was finalized and the title was secured. Shortly after a script began. The writer for Silver Circle is an LA accredited screen writer who lived part of his life through Argentina's hyperinflation (name may not be released).

The Summer of 2010 was spent perfecting the script and arranging for a casting call in August. The film was shot in September, 2010, and is currently in the post-production process which is much more intricate with animation.

The film has enjoyed a strong initial support base. Most of the support can be found in the liberty-minded community, the comic convention community, and also among precious metal investors.

Plot of the film: Silver Circle is a political thriller-romance set in a near future economic dystopia. Federal Reserve investigator, Jay Nelson, tracks a complex arson case, leading him through a world of corruption, an underground community of Rebels, and an astonishing murder, thought suicide.

Silver Circle has enjoyed coverage from places like and The Director, Pasha Roberts, has also attended several Mises conference and recently presented the film to a Mises high school seminar in Chicago, IL.

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