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4409, also known as RP4409 or Formula4409, real name Jason Shelton, is a Phoenix-based activist who has stated, "We are the other side of the pendulum that pushes back. Our side HAS to be here for America to work. Staving off tyranny with peaceful ideas."[1] 4409 was the January 2010 featured activist of Musicians 4 Freedom.[2]

In 2013, 4409 was arrested for disorderly conduct for a confrontation he had with radar van personnel. He was accused of blocking the van's view, but his attorney said that the evidence showed this was untrue, and argued, "You might not like his methods. You might not like his language. You might not like the fact that he filmed it or stopped or said anything, and all that's fine; people can disagree. That's what a free country is about. It's really gonna be a sad day in America if a person like Shelton expressing his political opinion is found to be committing a criminal offense. I don't know what anyone could say anymore."[3]


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