Blondie economics

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Blondie Economics is a short, illustrated introduction to economics from an Austrian perspective. Inspired by Hazlitt's classic Economics in One Lesson and following the structure of Human Action, it attempts to give an easy to digest introduction to economics.


  • Economics - Defined as the science of human action.
  • Goods - that serve to satisfy human needs and desires
  • Subjective Value - how the value of goods is determined by the needs that they satisfy.
  • Marginal Utility - Menger's explanation
  • Opportunity Cost - How choosing implies risk
  • Savings and Capital - and the business cycle
  • Property - why it is the basic building block
  • Simple Exchange or Barter - how both parts in a voluntary exchange benefit (a priori)
  • Indirect Exchange - solving the lack of double coincidence of wants
  • Money - medium of exchange, unit of account and store of value
  • Prices - how prices are discovered and their function
  • Competition - how it drives progress
  • Profit and Loss - how they signal value creation