Financial Fiasco

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Financial Fiasco: How America's Infatuation with Homeownership and Easy Money Created the Economic Crisis  
Financial Fiasco cover.jpg
Author(s) Johan Norberg
Country United States
Subject(s) Economic history
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Cato Institute
Publication date 2009
Media type Print, Digital
Pages xvi, 186 p.
ISBN 9781935308133
OCLC Number 730152315

Financial Fiasco is a book by Swedish writer Johan Norberg. The text traces the causes of the late-2000s financial crisis, showing the mistakes made in by the Federal Government in Washington D.C., politically connected finance institutions on Wall Street, and in communities across America that led to the economic meltdown. While many analysts have placed the blame solely on Wall Street, Norberg exposes the crucial role government regulation played in creating the opportunities and incentives that led to the financial collapse.

The book was the basis for the 2010 film Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis.


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