Instituto Ludwig von Mises Brasil

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Instituto Ludwig von Mises Brasil (IMB) is an association dedicated to the production and dissemination of economic studies and social sciences to promote the principles of the free market and a free society.

In its actions IMB seeks:

I - promote the teachings of the economical school known as the Austrian School;

II - restore the crucial role of theory, both in economic sciences and in social sciences, in contrast to empiricism,

III - defend the market economy, private property, and the peace in international relations, and object to the state-owned intervention in the markets and the society.

IMB believes that our vision of a free society must be achieved by the respect for private property, the voluntary exchanges between individuals and the natural order of the market, without government interference. Therefore, we hope that our actions influence the public opinion and the academic circles so that these principles are more accepted and replace actions and government institutions that only

a) Protect powerful and interest groups,

b) Create hostility, corruption, and hopelessness,

c) Limit the prosperity, and

d) Suppress free expression and the opportunities of individuals.