Loving Life (book)

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Loving Life: The Morality of Self-Interest and the Facts that Support It was written by Objectivist author Craig Biddle and originally published by Glen Allen Press in 2002.

The author purports to present a systematized and highly empirical introduction to the ethics of Ayn Rand, showing that morality is a factually necessary requirement for living life.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Who Should Read This Book—And Why
1. Religion Versus Subjectivism: Why Neither Will Do
2. The Is–Ought Gap: Subjectivism's Technical Retreat
3. To Be Or Not To Be: The Basic Choice
4. Objective Moral Values: Basic Human Needs
5. Making Life Meaningful: Living Purposefully
6. Objective Moral Virtues: Principled Actions
7. A Civilized Society: The Necessary Conditions
8. Concluding Summary: What We Now Know
Afterword: Terrorism, Altruism, and Moral Certainty
Appendix. Emergency Situations: The Principle Remains
Recommended Reading