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Address of the sender

Daniel Riley
Reg. No. 14528-052
P.O. BOX 33

Text of the letter

Terre Haute, Indiana. January 28, A.D. 2012


With humility, I most graciously thank you for your uplifting correspondence dated "2012.01.16"; and rec'd by me on the 23rd, I cannot emphasize enough in words how much it meant to me. As for your filial concern regarding me being stabbed 4 times, 3 in the back and once in the throat, with a poniard made from a modified denture toothbrush, I shall make a full recovery, but with scars. It was an unprovoked ambush style attack by a mentally disturbed Mexican mafia type character.

I appreciate your efforts to raise awareness to my plight. My plight is your plight. It's America's plight too. As you I am sure are well aware, we are living in a post-constitution America, where the people have lost their Bill of Rights. We live in a society ruled by lies, and our enemy wants us to live a lie or live within a lie, which people like you and I just can't do. We have a jealous eye, that can clearly see through the system that is being formed for our destruction. Right now all the enemy has left us is a vain semblance of liberty. It's generally clear as it is true, that we are under no moral obligation to submit to any power that aims to destroy us. What the enemy's government is doing to the American People cannot be justified by any pretense of right, but instead is founded on mere force. Force has been substituted for law.

I feel obliged to elaborate on the above point, so please permit me to add: are we not a society of rational creatures, who can reason for themselves, who entered into a community for our mutual good? Have we not set public servants over us to guard and promote that good, but instead our public servants look on us as a herd of inferior creatures, under their dominion as a master, who keeps us and works us for their own pleasure and profit. It is important to remember that all power comes from a grant by the American People, government being only a fiduciary power to act for certain ends, while there remains still in the People the Supreme Power to alter or dissolve the government. Fiduciary meaning holding and exercising power or authority in trust. For all power given with trust for the attaining an end, being limited to that end only, which we know such end to be the security of property rights and individual liberty; and whenever the People find the government has acted contrary to the trust reposed in the them, by manifestly neglecting and opposing that end which power was granted to achieve, the trust must by necessity be forfeited; and the power devolved back into the hands of those that gave it, who in turn may place it anew where they shall believe best for their safety and security. But the power can never revert back to the People till the usurping government is dissolved.

The government has already become dissolved through its own actions, by delivering the People over to a foreign power, the privately controlled federal reserve. The People must come to the realization, that their semblance of a check by the negating power of not re-electing the enemy's sycophants, is but a feeble barrier, because when the new electee's personal interest, ambition and avarice come to be put in contrast with the happiness of the People, the People will lose, all such checks founded on self-love, will not avail the People. The point being, the ballot box will never restore our stolen liberty — ever, those who believe otherwise will sip sorrow according to their unfounded belief.

Now that we know the government has become dissolved and is no longer the Peoples' government, but a government by and for the enemy, an enemy who is bent on enslaving us, is not our next step to destroy such enemy who looks to destroy the People? The People are kept ignorant by the enemy's mass media, as the enemy uses designs to deprive us of our rights by degrees, the whole by one stroke, is too bold an undertaking, as the enemy goes about trying to sell us a pipedream of a utopian society, at the cost of extreme taxation and the surrendering of our sacred rights, all the time lulling most of the people fast asleep in the bed of [false] security.

We will never get one to believe the truth whose paycheck depends on believing a lie. It is enough for those whose who are dependent upon the government for commissions, pensions, and the like, to preach up implicit faith in the government — but others, like us, whose minds are unfettered will think for themselves — we will not blindly adopt opinions of persons who are presiding in the highest stations of the government, any farther than our reasoning will convince us otherwise. Can a person be called wise who thus enslaves himself?

The People's minds must be restored to the right way of thinking, right now their minds are tender, fettered by the prejudices and habits of what they believe to be a just servitude, making them unable to expand their minds and think for themselves, or to attain that well-proportioned greatness which we admire in our Founding Fathers. I fear the People will be so accustomed to bondage, as to forget they were ever free. It is beyond measurable comprehension, astonishing that a free People can see the miseries of such a despotic state approaching to them with large and hasty strides, and suffer themselves to be deluded by the artful insinuations by the enemy's government and mass media, into a full persuasion that their liberties are not in danger. Are the Peoples' minds now so debased, that they rejoice at being subject to the caprice and arbitrary power of a tyrannical government, and kiss their chains? In reality we are on the brink of destruction, the iron hand of oppression is daily tearing the choicest fruit from the venerable tree of liberty, planted by our worthy ancestors, at the expense of their treasure and abundantly watered with their blood!

The People know they are slowly being enslaved, each degree of enslavement our implacable enemy imposes on us, makes us weaker. Degree B, C, D, E or F, when shall the People stand united and fight back? When it gets to degree Z — too late. The People are gonna wish they fought back at an earlier degree, when they were better capable of resisting, using their hindsight, instead of their foresight. Why wait to the point where the People are reduced to that uncommon distress in which they have more to fear from oppression than from resistance. We have been stripped of our rights and liberty; and they have deprived us of our understanding too, of that unconsciousness of what it means to be an American, leaving us unstimulated by docile reflections, that we may tamely bow down our necks and accept our chains, with all the stupid serenity of servitude, to any whim our masters may please to command — I appeal to the common sense of all Americans — to what state of misery and infamy must a people be reduced, till they fight back.

The tragedy of American Freedom, it is to be feared is nearly completed. The enemy is daily administering the opiate with multiplied arts and delusions; and I am sorry to observe that such bad medicine is alluring for some. If we do not have the courage and resolution to prevent the completion of their system, what good are we? The liberties of our Country, the Bill of Rights and our individual freedoms are worth defending at all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. At some future time, every present submission to an attack will be plead as a precedent. We have received our liberties as an inheritance from our brave ancestors: they purchased them at the expense of their treasure, toil and blood; and transmitted them to us with admonishments and warnings that are applicable to today's circumstances. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generations, if we should suffer our rights to be wrested from us without a struggle. Our posterity will surely curse us in our graves, for entailing upon them the chains of slavery. Let us contemplate our forefathers and posterity; and resolve to maintain the rights bequeathed to us from the former, for the sake of the latter.

What should we do to vindicate these rights when they are being actually violated and attacked as they are? Freemen are entitled first to the regular administration and free course of justice in the courts of law. For all Americans who have tried to use the courts, especially the federal courts, now know the courts are corrupt. They apply a dishonest application of the English language and use every artifice conceivable to demonstrate that the rights guaranteed to Americans are in effect merely licensed. Americans must beg and pray to the legal community for leave to assert those rights. Such supplications rarely get answered, thus their rights are denied, I know, I been there. The courts have taken control of our ability to assert our guaranteed rights, that is, they are no longer unalienable, they are alienable at will. The courts leave us without a remedy and where there is no remedy, there can be no rights. The first engine of tyranny is — judicial discretion.

Next, Freemen can petition for a redress of grievances. We the People Foundation, has shown, that a remedy cannot be found by way of this manner. The court ruled that the government does not have to answer. The courts, especially the inferior federal courts, meaning District and Appellate, leave no conceivable doubt that they have an agenda of depriving the People of their rights. We are constantly deprived of justice. How can a man any more hinder himself from being persuaded in his own mind, which way things are going?

Lastly, and this is the point we are at, the right of having and using arms for self-preservation and defense, when the sanctions of society and laws are found insufficient to restrain oppression. Whenever the government designs to establish absolute power over the lives, liberties and estates of the People, by this breach of trust, the government has forfeited power, which is where we are at. Like you said, there is nothing "legitimate" about the force the enemy is using against the American People, it's all usurpation.

There is nothing in morality that forbids resistance. Rebellion being in opposition, not to persons, but authority. Will the oppressor let go the oppressed? Human nature never will part with power, from one end of the globe to another — you will find none. Fear is the passion of slaves. Bravery is the passion of freemen. The Public's Liberty will not be preserved without downright force. One man fighting for freedom is worth a hundred fighting for a paycheck, history has shown this maxim: when a couple hundred freemen of Sparta defended their country against thousands of Persian slaves.

Is it not high time for the American People to explicitly declare whether they will be Freemen or slaves? Americans should converse together upon this most interesting subject and open their minds freely to each other. It should be the topic of every conversation throughout the land, consulting one another on how to recover our stolen rights. The enemy will label us "Rebels". Such a label should not discourage, but instead, be considered an honor to all those Americans who refuse to hold out their hands to chains; who refuse tamely to suffer the strokes of arbitrary power. We are only fulfilling our duty as Patriots, who will be sought out for destruction, because they will not comply and consent to betray the Liberties of their Country. Unity is our Key to victory. Every time the enemy comes to capture a patriot, the enemy must be made to pay. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Should we bid ourselves first to be slaves, and then decide to take care of our liberties, when their chains are already on us? As the enemy tells us to act like Freemen — what mockery! Must we remain passive victims? Let us remember, when the People once part with power, they can seldom or never resume it again, but by force. It is a truth confirmed by the unerring experience of ages, that every government invested with power, is ever disposed to increase it, and to acquire superiority over everything that stands in its way. I hear people decry how great the constitution is, well, in my opinion, the constitution is and was the problem. It did not restrict the government enough. Andrew Jackson said it best when he vetoed the re-chartering of the central bank: "The goal of the founding fathers was not to make government efficient but to deliberately make it inefficient." The father of the constitution — James Madison, with the advantage of hindsight, realized the constitution did not place enough restrictions on the means Congress might choose to achieve its constitutional ends, thus destroying the whole notion of limited government, he said, "To give an extent to the . . . means of government superseding the limits of its objects is in effect to convert a limited into an unlimited government." Madison's fancy that the American People would only elect virtuous public servants, thus such stringent restraints on government were unnecessary, was his folly, that we are now paying for.

A quick tidbit on the Revolutionary War. One of the King's mercenaries wrote in a correspondence to his family back in Great Britain: "Young and old alike, these individuals took the word 'liberty' very seriously — serious enough to fight and possibly die for it — and above everything they wanted the opportunity to make that fight." Another one of the King's mercenaries noted how precarious their combat situation was all the time because: "wherever the King's troops went three or four thousand militia assembled in a day's time bringing their provisions with them." Of course, these militia always supplemented the regular continental army. I shouldn't say "always" but most of the time.

Our forefathers were not pusillanimous, who decided with manly fortitude, that they must and shall all share the same fate, either freemen or slaves. It's high time the men of this country confirm their liberties by a conduct becoming Freemen! Every man who has the good of his Country and posterity at heart ought to put his shoulders to the burden, and bear part of the weight, there is no man — being his abilities and circumstances what they are — is able to do something for the good of his Country. There is no room for cowardice — only bravery — and the thought of fighting for one's own Country and one's own Freedom, should make us American Men braver than ever. The People must be ready to sacrifice everything — even their lives — for the common cause of Liberty, a thousandfold. Those who say rebellion is not proper against tyranny because of all the blood that will spill, does that mean we must also believe that the honest man must not oppose burglars and robbers, because this may occasion disorder or bloodshed? Rebellion is our heritage, our duty, and our right. We are all under the obligation to do what lies in us to save our Country.

I hear on talk radio all the hoopla over another degree of tyranny being deployed against the People, that is, now the military can arrest Americans. Are the American People insensible that the civil police forces have already been militarized, both subjectively and objectively? They are a standing body of regular forces, who are slaves by profession. They are the "standing army" the Founding Fathers warned us about. When will the American People reason with themselves, realizing now is the time to stand up and fight, or is the reasoning in vain, where the American People will not fight until the iron hand of oppression brings them to their knees, compelling them to resist because they dread death much less than servitude. The enemy tries to disguise it, but we are being reduced to the disgusting condition of abject slavery. This horrible fate will befall the American People in consequence of their own inattention: or if they do not reflect on their own folly and take corrective measures.

The spirit of Liberty, the spirit of 1776, needs to be rekindled into a burning passion in the hearts of the American People. Think for yourselves, think as you please and speak as you think — such people assembled have ever been the dread and often the scourge of tyrants. Do not be afraid to call the government — your enemy, because that's what it is. Just below the surface lies the People's Power, to assert it with force, but who will break the surface to begin the rightful restoration of our liberties and rights? Everyone must say: the only possible place to begin, is with myself: whether all is lost or not, depends entirely on whether or not I am lost.

Under the color of law the enemy is using force to enslave us. Government is force. As stated earlier it has forfeited this right by violating the Public's trust, thus all force used by the government against the People is under color of law. Under the laws of nature, the People have the rightful authority to repel unlawful force with lawful force. That's where we are in the state of things, in America, in the year 2012. Americans willing to stand up and fight for rights, willing even to die, if need be, for their rights to be passed on to their posterity, have forever been the terror of the enemies of liberty. The love of liberty is interwoven in the souls of men.

I believe my letter has become tedious to you. I will conclude with a humble request: can you see to it, that one million Americans read this letter? It is your letter, you may do with it as you please, if you receive it, the enemy has a tendency to steal my mail, with today's information age and your abilities on the Internet, it is a plausible request. I believe other patriots are willing to disseminate this letter at your behest, but if you feel otherwise, that is fine also. Again, I thank you for your correspondence, and I deeply appreciate your efforts in the cause of liberty.

Take good care

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