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Chris Lyspooner
Alma mater Ludwig von Mises Institute

Chris Lyspooner, real name Chris V. Snyder, is a Ludwig von Mises Institute alumnus whose posts are widely followed among the libertarian Facebook community. He has almost 5,000 Facebook friends and more than 500 Facebook followers.[1] Reasons commonly cited for his popularity include his perceived knack for crafting questions that stimulate divergent and critical thinking; his frequently posting images and commentary that become memetic for incisively and succinctly exposing anti-libertarian logical inconsistencies; and his good-naturedly humorous tone. The neologism "celebritarian," a portmanteau of "celebrity libertarian," was coined with respect to Lyspooner.[citation needed]

Lyspooner's Facebook name is a portmanteau of "Lysander Spooner." After controversies involving the use of profane and non-politically correct language by several libertarians, Lyspooner remarked, "I want to address the language of libertarians .I want to point out that bad language does not attract ...lol...just kidding".[2]


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