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In order to prevent catastrophic loss of data, maintaining offsite backups of Mises Wiki is a sound idea. As of 2009, the server used RAID 1, which mirrors all content on another hard drive; while this provides a backup in case one hard drive fails, it does not protect against accidental and malicious deletions. As of 2009, a backup of the Mises database with confidential data stripped out was available here, at least to those whose IP addresses had been added to the whitelist:[1] Backups are also made at least as often as MediaWiki is upgraded. The database backups are kept as sql files in /home/web/wiki_backup .

  • data.mises.org
  • Username: miseshelp
  • Password: miseshelp1

The command that developers use to create a backup is:

mysqldump -u [db username] --password=[db password] [db name] > /home/web/wiki_backup/mises_wiki_backup_yyyymmdd.sql


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