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The MisesWiki Bounty Board is an informal page that allows any user to post bounties for completing a specific Wiki-related task (such as promotion of an article to featured article status). The execution and details of the transaction are the responsibility of the participating parties, and the reward can be monetary, goods (books, cookies, etc.), barnstars, or tit-for-tat editing (like improving another article).

A suitable reward is also a donation to the Mises Institute in the name of the Bounty Hunter, or a gift certificate for the Mises Institute Store.

Challenges may remain open for a maximum duration of one year. After that period of time, the challenge will be moved to expired requests; however, the author of the challenge may repost the challenge with a new expiration period. The aim of this policy is to keep the board clutter-free, ensure editors are available to fulfill such challenges, and to ensure the challenges are still valid.

Please check out the talk page in case of any questions.

How to offer a bounty

If you would like to offer a bounty, simply add an entry below. Add all the details that you feel are relevant to the reward, in a format similar to this one:

===Bounty title===
*'''Offered by''': ~~~
*'''Date offered''': ~~~~~
*'''Request''': What needs to be done to claim the award.
*'''Reward''': The reward you are offering.
*'''Limit on rewards''': If more bounties are possible, what is the limit.
*'''Expires''': Date until which your offer is valid. Max expiration date is one year from offer date.

See MisesWiki:Bounty board/Expired and claimed bounties for past rewards.

Active bounties


  • Offered by: Pestergaines
  • Date offered: 03:03, 25 July 2011 (MSD)
  • Request: The article Subjective theory of value should be brought to the Featured Article status.
  • Reward: A 15$ gift certificate for the Mises Store.
  • Expires: 31.08.2012

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