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This Call to Action is closed now - feel free to reopen it!

This project (a.k.a. Navel-Gazing Time) lists which important economic and other developments have Austrian economists predicted? All predictions are of interest, but the most interesting are those that were:

  • made by an important/renown figure
  • specific (e.g. date, estimate of the magnitude of a crisis, etc.)
  • well-reasoned
  • they were made long before the event

In short, it should avoid the appearance of an alarmist/doomsday crowd (i.e. the Even a broken clock is right twice a day fallacy).

See here: Austrian predictions

Things to do:

  • To make, eventually, a page about the impeding collapse of the Chinese boom, which numerous Austrians were all over (example). More examples are around.

Resources to check out:

  • Anything else? Any other topics?
  • See a blog very hostile to Austrians here - under point (16) "Questionable or Failed Austrian Predictions" the person seems to take apart some Austrian predictions, in great detail and with full bibliography. Would be interesting to check his stuff...
  • This fellow has some potentially interesting stuff; including something for the future about Greece