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Create pages, or at least neat stubs from the Mises Made Easier glossary, wherever they are missing. Also consider adding the entries to existing pages where useful.

100% completed (estimate)



  • A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Z

Things to do:


  • An issue of MME is that sometimes the numbering of the links breaks (as with the 'a priori' keywords, or on the 'Q' page). As a consequence, the later links lead to the wrong words! The script can be still happily used if you are careful what you click on and don't lose some words.
  • A title in Greek broke the script completely, it opened a page with no title - which resulted in opening the main page.
  • Quite a few words are in other languages with corresponding formatting which needs to be manually cleaned up.
  • If there's not much to edit, it can take a single minute (or even less) to create a new page.

Skipped entries

Some words seem to be better left out, whether due to their complete obscurity, known meaning, or being too short to be of any use. Feel free to add them if you consider them needed:

  • Abortive, Ancillary, Antichrematistic, A rebours, Asymptotic, Ataraxia, Atypical, Aurea aetas, Bucolic, Carmen, "Ce que j'appelle mon present, c'est mon attitude vis-a-vis de l'avenir immediat c'est mon action imminente", Charisma, Coadjuvancy, Congeneric (see Congener), Corporazione, Counterpoise, Do ut des, Ergastulum, Ex definitione, Extirpation, Fiat justitia, ne pereat mundus, Fiat justitia, pereat mundus, Führer‎tum, In abstracto, Ineluctable, Inscrutable, l'acte per lequel nous ramenons ? l'identique ce qui nous a, tout d'abord, paru n'?tre pas tel, a dur? pure, dont l'?coulement est continu, et o? l'on passe, par gradations insensibles, d'un ?tat ? l'autre: Continuit? r?ellement v?cue, a sympathie par laquelle on se transport ? l'int?rieur d'un objet pour co?ncider avec ce qu'il a d'unique et par cons?quent d'inexprimable, la vie est une cause premi?re qui nous ?chappe comme toutes les causes premi?res et dont la science exp?rimentale n'a pas ? se pr?occuper, Le moulin ? bras vous donnera la soci?t? avec le souzerain; le moulin ? vapeur, la soci?t? avec le capitaliste industriel, l'on ne peut le pratiquer sans s'?tre demand? si les deux objets ?chang?s sont bien de m?me valeur, c'est-?-dire ?changeables contre un m?me troisi?me, Lucubration, Mandrake, Mediate, Molar, Morbific, Navicularii, Nexus, Nonascetic, Non liquet, Nouveaux riches, Omnipresent, Pathological, Patrie, Pendant, Per analogiam, Periphrastic, Perorate, Pluralis gloriosus, Pluralis imperialis, Pluralis logicus, Pluralis majestaticus, Portent, Primordial, Progenitive, Progenitor, Progeny, Proliferation, Prophylactics, Propitious, Provenance, Psychopath, Psychopathology, Psychophysics, Qua, Rajah, Reclusion, Refractory, Regressus in infinitum, Relicta civitate rus habitare maluerit, Renitent, Res extra commercium, Retrospection, Sane sicut lux se ipsam et tenebras manifestat, sic veritas norma sui et falsi est, Sedulous, Sine qua non, Slavonic Bolsheviks, Solo in un secondo tempo, quando le categorie non abbiano trovato la via dell' accordo e dell' equilibrio, lo Stato potr? intervenire, Spirochetes, Straiten, Subaltern, Sub specie aeternitatis, Subtrahendum, Sui generis, Supererogatory, Supernumerary, Sword of Damocles, Unpropitious, Wotan, Zeus

How To Add More Pages?

  • Have the Greasemonkey plugin and the script installed in your browser. (You may have to enable popups for mises.org.)
  • Coordinate your work with others, e.g. pick the words starting with a letter that nobody is working on yet.
  • Click on a link in Mises Made Easier. This will open a new tab or window with the content of the keyword inserted, including some formatting.
  • Preview the page, see if the text is okay, particularly the first sentence. Is any formatting needed? Can it be linked to something else? Does the Wikipedia link leads to the correct page?
  • Each entry needs a category (most categories will be Concepts or Economic concepts).
  • Optionally, find related pages on mises.org or other useful websites.
  • Some pages ('Verstehen') will need to be redirects ('Understanding').
  • We don't really need all of them (Zeus, anyone?) - if an entry is skipped, add it to the list of skipped entries.
  • Submit.