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Please create and expand articles about voluntary (free market) ways of human cooperation, especially in domains where such a cooperation is disputed.

The ultimate goal: Create a solid introduction for anyone who is interested in the topic. Both sides of the discussion should be covered in good detail. There is a portal of sorts here: Privately supplied public goods.

Things to do:

  • How about creating pages for the public variations for each concept?
  • How to differentiate between private law and 'purely' private, contractual law?
  • Some pages seem to do better with a title in plural (Public goods), esp. groupings of examples, as compared to the classic definitorial pages which should be in singular. Will need some consideration.
  • Possible expansion: include also the pages mentioned on the Talk page.
  • Polish Private defense agency (was taken over from WP)
  • Check out this series of Freeman articles about education.
  • Anything else?


  • YesY create Public Goods and Market Failures: A Critical Examination, Free rider problem, Market failure
  • (Hopefully) exhausted resources:
    • YesY Process this, a lot of material on infrastructure
    • YesY Process this page for examples of topics and sources
    • YesY Discovered even more resources here. Gods! So many!
      • YesY Say thanks to their author, Roy Halliday.
    • YesY Used this; the other pages may still have something useful.
  • YesY Make at least stubs for all major topics
  • YesY Check the Wikipedia pages for useful material - some have tons of useful content (although a lot is unreferenced, making it unusable); some have little material of use. Overall, too much to go through at the moment.
  • YesY Check the sources on the Talk page!
  • YesY What would be a suitable category to group the topics into? Voluntary Cooperation? Alternatives to public goods? Privately supplied public goods? Private alternatives to public goods!