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These are gadgets available for MediaWiki and decisions on what to do with them. These decisions will be implemented by editing MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition. Any of these decisions is subject to being replaced with a "get rid of" decision if it turns out the gadget doesn't work and can't be made to work.

Description Decision
After rolling back an edit, automatically open the contributions of the user whose edit has been rolled back Keep
Disable access keys Get rid of; why would this be useful?
Focus the cursor in the search bar on loading the Main Page Shouldn't this be default behavior?
GoogleTrans: open a translation popup for the selected text or the word under the cursor when pushing the shift button Get rid of
ImageAnnotator, to view notes and comments that people have placed upon images shown on file description pages. Maybe keep? Assuming it works.
Redirect image links to Commons for files that are hosted there Marginally useful, maybe?
Navigation popups, article previews and editing functions popup when hovering over links Sure, let's keep it
Open external links in a new tab/window Let's keep it
Open search results in new tab/window when holding down the CTRL-key. Keep
Print options gives you more control when printing content. Remove images or the background for instance. Keep, if it works
The revisionjumper creates an interface which allows you to jump between different revisions. ?
Twinkle, a set of tools that automates common tasks such as reporting vandalism, warning vandals, requesting deletion, welcoming users, and tagging articles. Keep
Suppress display of the fundraiser banner Get rid of
"Ask a question" feature for the Wikimedia Foundation's "Teahouse" project Get rid of
Reference Tooltips: Roll over any inline citation to see reference information, instead of having to jump away from the article text. Keep?