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The Mises Wiki, like other wikis, is full of links – links to pages within the Mises Wiki (internal links) and links to other websites (external links).

Internal links are useful because they build a web of interrelated content, allowing readers to read relevant background information and discover new ideas.

External links are also useful, in moderation. If carefully chosen, they can provide valuable additional information to readers. However, they should not be emphasized, for a variety of reasons:

  • Editors of Mises Wiki can't control content on someone else's website. URLs often change, and so can the material at a given URL.
  • In many cases, editors of Mises Wiki can build resources as good or better than things available off-wiki
  • We want our readers to stay here, keep coming back, and eventually become contributors

As a result, external links should be carefully chosen, and placed in a special section, called "Links," at the bottom of Mises Wiki articles. Especially useful external links can be emphasized using boxes with special formatting in that section. Some examples of such links to emphasize are:

  • In articles on speeches or pieces of writing, a link to a verified source containing the original text
  • Links to the Mises Store