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If a page appears to be spam but you are unsure, either place it in Category:Possible spam or post the wikilink here. Other editors may give their opinions on whether the page should be deleted.

An edit might be spam if...

A contribution may be considered spam and a user account may be considered a spam account if one or more of the following apply:

  • The edit only consists from a link and accompanying text
  • The link doesn't fit on the inserted location of the page, on the page or the wiki itself
  • The link is of a commercial or advertising nature
  • The user only created one edit and was never seen or heard from again
  • User's homepage or talk page only consists of a link and accompanying text

Obviously, caution is advised when undoing user contributions. However, when it is too hard to discern whether a user is a living person or spambot, it is most likely a spambot.

Helping other users avoid mistaking you for a spammer

Legitimate users, please make yourselves identifiable as human beings. It helps if your userpage contains at least some mention of topics related to classical liberalism or the Austrian school; then other users can know that what you posted there has at least been customized for this wiki rather than being indiscriminately cross-posted around the wikisphere. However, this is not mandatory. It is acceptable for productive editors to have userpage content pertaining to interests outside of economics or politics, and to link to sites pertaining to such interests. Be aware, though, that it may be mistaken for spam if you create a userpage consisting only of such content before making productive edits to the wiki.