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The following is a list of scripts and pages used to support the Proofread Page extension and proofreading in general.

Scripts Description
MediaWiki:Base.js Required for other proofread page scripts
MediaWiki:Common.js Calls other relevant scripts
MediaWiki:Corrections.js Used to toggle between a "corrected" version and the original version.
MediaWiki:DisplayFooter.js Add a navigation bar at the bottom of pages that have a header.
MediaWiki:IndexForm.js Generates an enhanced form for pages in the Index namespace while editing.
MediaWiki:OCR.js Add an OCR button to the edit toolbar in the page namespace. Not currently used; commented out on Common.js.
MediaWiki:PageNumbers.js Implements page numbers and dynamic layouts.
Pages Description
MediaWiki:Proofreadpage index template This page generates the formatting of pages in the Index namespace.
MediaWiki:Proofreadpage index attributes List of index attributes to show when creating a new Index
MediaWiki:Proofreadpage js attributes
MediaWiki:Proofreadpage header template Generates a header when <pages header=1> is called.
MediaWiki:Gadget-pr headers.js Gadget for automatically showing headers in the page namespace
MediaWiki:Gadget-pr layout.js Gadget for automatically displaying the horizontal layout when editing pages