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mises.org black cap

The Roaming Hat is a concept based upon the well known Roaming Gnome phenomenon. Libertarians, Austrians and fans of the Ludwig von Mises Institute wear the newly released black mises.org cap when traveling to famous landmarks around the globe or while doing particularly unique activities; people then upload a picture of themselves to this wiki page.


The purpose of the Roaming Hat campaign is to demonstrate, in a unique and fun way, that Austrians and libertarians are not as isolated as they may sometimes feel. Supporters of the ideas promoted by the Mises Institute are everywhere and are extraordinarily diverse. Participants in the Roaming Hat help spread the idea of personal and economic liberty across the globe while strengthening the community of those already devoted to liberty.


Anyone wishing to share their Roaming Hat pictures should use the upload option in the toolbox on the left then visit the Help:Files to learn how to insert the photo.

United States

Pacey, lead singer of rock band Fly-by Radio, wears the Roaming Hat:

Pacey cap 1.jpgRoaming Hat on stage

Doug French and Deanna Forbush wear matching Roaming Hats at the gun range:

Roaming hat visits gun range
Roaming hat takes aim
French forbush hat.JPG
Roaming hat makes a long shot

Randall Malboeuf wears the Roaming Hat in Massachusetts:


Central & South America

Brandon Hill, Mises Store Manager, overlooking Playa Flamingo, CR

Roaming Hat visits Costa Rica

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