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Welcome to the Economic History WikiProject! The aim of this project is to create a solid overview of the world's history, with a special focus on economic conditions and development of economic thinking.


  • The ultimate aspiration of this project is to make MisesWiki an authoritative guide to economic history.
  • The goal of this project is to provide a forum for discussion of economic history, and to create and improve articles related to this field.

Editing guidelines

  • Use the most reliable and authoritative resources available.
  • Link to Wikipedia articles, when they offer a good alternative overview of the topic, but do not copy content from it.
  • Various theories and viewpoints should be represented, with a focus on the Austrian tradition of historical research and freedom.

Vital pages

The following pages are crucial to this project, please consider expansions and improvements:

Open tasks

Operation Panic Time

The Operation was a drive to create at least the stubs (basic pages) for all major financial crises. The stubs have been created, but they can always use an expansion.


  • If you would like to be a member of the project, sign your name below, after the last signee, with "# ~~~~" (four tildes).
  • If you would like to display the project's userbox put {{User WikiProject Economic History}} on your userpage., like this:
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