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This is a list of wikis similar to, or having overlapping purposes with, Mises Wiki:

Name WikiIndex link WikiApiary link URL Comments
A Voluntaryist Wiki wikiindex:A Voluntaryist Wiki wikiapiary:A Voluntaryist Wiki http://v.i4031.net/Home Appears to be a mostly private affair focused on argumentation.
Libertapedia wikiindex:Libertapedia wikiapiary:Libertapedia http://libertapedia.org/ Mostly focuses on activism.
LPedia wikiindex:LPedia wikiapiary:LPedia http://www.lpedia.org/ Focuses on U.S. Libertarian Party content.
Wikibéral wikiindex:Wikibéral wikiapiary:Wikibéral http://www.wikiberal.org/ A French site

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