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The Murphy-Krugman debate is a proposed debate between economists Robert Murphy and Paul Krugman. As of December, 2014 the debate has not taken place.


Murphy issued the challenge to Krugman in October 2010. The debate will focus on the Austrian Business Cycle Theory versus the Keynesian Business Cycle Theory. In order to place pressure on Krugman to accept the challenge, Murphy organized a fundraiser to raise $100,000 for the Fresh Food Program in New York City. [1] The funds would only be sent if Krugman actually engaged in a debate with Murphy. A website (, now defunct) and several YouTube videos were created in order to spread the news about the debate.[2]

In November 2010 Andrew Napolitano, a political and legal analyst for Fox News Channel and former New Jersey Superior Court Judge, offered to host the debate on his TV show Freedom Watch.[3]

In June 2012, Paul Krugman, referring to the challenge, declined to participate in "circuses" as opposed to a serious debate.[4]

As of March, 2013, over $106,000 have been raised.[5] Murphy has reiterated his challenge, pointing out that Krugman debated Ron Paul[6] in order to promote his book (Krugman explained that he did that to get more readers to see all the data and facts, which may be lost in a televised debate).[7]

Donations for the debate were accepted at The Point[dead link], which is currently defunct. Robert Murphy is considering a new drive.[8]



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