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GrahamW 01:48, 3 May 2012 (MSD)

Rule 38 is not up for says that the unit rule specifically cannot be used to bind delegates. The unit rule is an archaic rule that was used in the preprimary times whereas a state's delegates would vote beforehand and all the state's delegates are bound by the majority vote of that state at the national convention. It will only effect unbound delegates. 20:46, 8 May 2012 (MSD)

Delegate count seems off

The states up through 4/26 have a total delegate load of 1523. This Wiki thus far is only counting 453. It seems like someone is miscounting.


Daily Paul original article, 2 May

Daily Paul article - analysis of early states, 5 May

Mises forum thread

Places without state conventions.

I live in DC and know that the delegates were selected by the campaigns. So Paul and Romney each submitted a slate of delegates. Romney won the primary and so the delegates on his slate are the delegates for DC. There is absolutely no chance to change the outcome, so in DC the primary was truly binding. So give all 16 to Romney.

I believe that Tennessee is also this way, but on a congressional district basis. My guess is that Ohio is too.