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About industries without IP

I have been alerted that the listing of industries "without IP" (quoted from Johanna Blakley's TED Talk) is quite controversial and there are still some forms of IP protection. The numerical estimate of their magnitude, actually a comparison of Low-IP vs. High-IP industries is then similarly compromised (plus it leaves out major industries and makes it a judgement call as to what is "High-IP" and "Low-IP"). I've removed and changed the section correspondingly.

Here's an attempt to find something out about the role of IP protection in those industries:

  • fashion - none or small? (Does not include things like trademarks or logos.)
  • food recipes can be patented, but it's not easy
  • automobile - some possibility to patent the "non-functional" parts of the design
  • furniture, ditto, but seems to be difficult (example - but the situation in UK appears to be different)
  • magic tricks may accrue some protection, although it may difficult to achieve and may be counter-productive
  • hairdos might be patentable
  • open source software - need one say more?
  • databases require "creative originality" to get copyright protection and it also may be counterproductive or difficult to achieve
  • tattoos apparently can be copyrighted!
  • jokes can be copyrighted in some instances (especially in written form, on videos and recordings), but that can be difficult, particularly with short jokes
  • fireworks by themselves apparently can't be copyrighted (pictures, films, etc. can be)
  • game rules as such apparently can't be copyrighted, but the "written element" may be registered as a literary work; note also this and this - it seems like game rules can be patented but people can still create copycats
  • perfume can be copyrightable, but it also has some complications

First try. Pestergaines (talk) 19:00, 24 March 2013 (MSK)


For a bit of fun, there's a video with the same name as this page: A World Without Intellectual Property from a somewhat mysterious outfit, showing that nothing would be really done without IP. Pestergaines (talk) 18:40, 1 March 2014 (EST)