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This is the {{cat handler/blacklist}} sub-template.

Do not use this template directly, use {{cat handler}} instead. This template is called from {{cat handler}}, see user documentation there.

But if you came here to see or update the category suppression blacklist, then you are in the right place.

Updating the blacklist

This template contains a blacklist of the pages and page types where templates should not auto-categorize. This blacklist is used by {{cat handler}} to decide when not to categorize. To update the blacklist, edit this template.

This template uses {{if pagename}} to do the pagename-detection, thus see {{if pagename}} for the syntax to use for the blacklist rules.

When this template is placed on a page that should not categorize, then it should return "hide". And when placed on any other page it should return an empty string.

Testing the blacklist

There are two ways you can test what this blacklist returns for a page:

You can put this template on the page you want to test, and see what output it produces. You can use edit preview, no need to save. Like this:

+{{cat handler/blacklist}}+

Which here on this page returns this:

+Template:If pagename+

The ++ used here is a simple way to make it visible when a template returns an empty string.

Or you can feed the pagename you want to test to this template. Then you can do all the testing for instance on the [[Template:Pgn/testcases|/testcases]] subpage of this template. Like this:

+{{cat handler/blacklist| page = User:Example }}+
+{{cat handler/blacklist| page = User:Example/Archive 5}}+

Which returns this:

+Template:If pagename+
+Template:If pagename+

Technical details

Currently this template is only called from {{cat handler}}, and indirectly from all templates that use {{cat handler}}. But in the future this template might also be directly called from other templates similar to {{cat handler}}. This means we can update the category suppression blacklist in one place.

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