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The converter Template:Convert/3 will convert 3 amounts at once, allowing a mix of different range words between the 3 amounts. However, all 3 amounts are treated as the same unit type. The output unit must be specified, or put "0" for the default output unit.


{{convert/3 |5|by|6|by|7|m|ft}}
{{convert/3 |5|x|6|x|7|m|ft}}
{{convert/3 |5|-|6|-|7|m|ft}}
{{convert/3 |7|to|8|by|4.5|km|mi|abbr=on}}

The template has the same parameters as Template:Convert, and so it allows abbreviation abbr=in or abbr=out or abbr=none, wikilinks lk=in or lk=out, and adjective mode adj=on. The separator can also be a semicolon: disp=semi, disp=semicolon, disp=or, disp=comma & disp=b (default parentheses). Using optional parameter "warn=yes" will warn when the separator is an unusual word (other than: to, by, and, or, -, +/-, x, xx or comma).


The following examples show a mixture of "by" & "x" or "to" in some conversions:

  • {{convert/3 |5+1/2|by|6+1/3|x|7+1/4|m|ft}}    gives: 5+12 by 6+13×7+14 metres (18 by 21×24 ft)

The range-words are: to, by, and, or, -, +/-, x, xx & comma. Display types: disp=comma, disp=semi, disp=or, disp=s, disp=2 (or disp=out), disp=# (or disp=number) and disp=b. The results are identical to using Template:Convert for each amount individually.