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Motivation Award Mises Wiki Motivation Award

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This is an award for people who do a considerable amount either
(a) to promote the Mises Wiki beyond the site, acting as "unofficial spokesperson" for it; or
(b) who do wonders in "gee-ing up the troops" either through their general motivation of Mises Wikians or through assistance by way of tools, contests, and other things that actually make us 'ground troops' want to go out and write, improve, and wikify - in both cases basically people who help move the Mises Wiki forward.


To use this template, add {{subst:MotivationAward|put your message here ~~~~}} to the talk page of the user you wish to award it to.

This barnstar has an alternate version.
To use, add |alt to the end: {{subst:MotivationAward|put your message here ~~~~|alt}}
Which produces:

Megaphone Barnstar Hires.png Mises Wiki Motivation Award
message ~~~~