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Who am I? I am Anarchei. As you have seen from my avatar, I am a draenei. I have also been known to take other names and guises. I have done a fair amount of travelling in my time on this world. I have seen the City of Light and the islands of Greece. At the moment, I reside in a humble abode somewhere within the continent of Australia.

I am a writer of fiction, and specialise in writing stories that take place within universes created by others. This is known as fanfiction, and my works are available on this site for anyone to read. I have also commissioned a few artists to create pieces that reflect parts of my persona and my stories. You can find these works on this site also. I enjoy a range of music from the 1980s, and my taste in film tends toward fantasy and science fiction. I also play World of Warcraft. I have a few characters of various species, however I do not favour any particular faction. I do not get involved in politics.

This leads me to a part of this site that some may wonder about. I also have an interest in education, and one thing that I think people need to know about is the subject of freedom. We take it for granted, so much so that we barely notice that it is almost completely gone. For these reasons I have placed a self-directed learning experience on this site so that people can learn about freedom and how to become more free in their personal lives.