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Problem with Magic Word urlencode:

Code Result
{{urlencode:Washington, Pennsylvania}} Washington%2C+Pennsylvania
{{urlencode:Washington, Pennsylvania|WIKI}} Washington,_Pennsylvania
{{urlencode:Washington, Pennsylvania|PATH}} Washington%2C%20Pennsylvania
{{urlencode:Washington, Pennsylvania|QUERY}} Washington%2C+Pennsylvania
{{urlencode:x y z á é}} x+y+z+%C3%A1+%C3%A9
{{urlencode:x y z á é|WIKI}} x_y_z_%C3%A1_%C3%A9
{{urlencode:x y z á é|PATH}} x%20y%20z%20%C3%A1%20%C3%A9
{{urlencode:x y z á é|QUERY}} x+y+z+%C3%A1+%C3%A9

According to magic word documentation, these should give different results.