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There's nothing wrong with online stalking in the transparent society; stalking serves many useful purposes. Sometimes I wonder, why do people discourage googling prospective dates, for fear of what the other person will think when they say, "Sorry to see from Facebook page that your pet chinchilla just died"? The other person should think, "Wow, this person cared enough about me to bother learning something about me, and also sought to potentially save us both time by pre-screening to determine whether there are any obvious incompatibilities that would warrant calling off the date." After all, employers like it when you say in the interview, "Well I see on your website that your company has had a 20% annual increase in profits for the past 5 years; do you attribute that more to your core competencies in your cash cow divisions, or to your increasing revenue share in emerging markets?" It shows that you cared enough to do your homework. (Not to mention, it shows that you were paying attention when they taught all those trendy corporate buzzwords in MBA school) Leucosticte (talk) 01:06, 20 January 2014 (EST)