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  • My educational background is:
    • Master of Science degree in Rural Sociology (2010) from Auburn University (Auburn, AL)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (2008) from Baldwin-Wallace College (Berea, OH)
  • My professional experience is:
    • Computer technician in the military (6 years)
    • Now working as a civilian computer tech.

My academic background in the social sciences and my work experience in IT have led me to take an interest in understanding open source communities. In 2009, while a student at Auburn University, I began a wiki-based project called the Final Theory of Chess Project. I believe that open-source collaboration will be the future of chess theory. Just as Wikipedia has come to challenge the peer-reviewed hierarchical model for encyclopedias, a wiki format will come to challenge the Modern Chess Openings (MCO) format of chess encyclopedias. Visit the Working Papers section of my wiki to access my attempt to develop a praxeological understanding of open source collaboration: Commons-based Peer Production as a Coordination Problem.