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Hi. I'm some guy who likes liberty and kinda knows how to edit a wiki. Hopefully I contribute a thing or two which are worthwhile.

For reference, below are a few random popular issues and my beliefs on them. I may add more later. --Wobbles 19:40, 1 March 2011 (CST)

Where I Stand on Things


No individual has property rights in another person's body, regardless of whether or not they require it to survive. If person A's kidneys are failing, they do not have a right in their sibling B's body to extract a kidney against their will, even if it will cost them their life.

The same is true for an unborn child or fetus; even if they are individuals with rights, they must be negative rights only.


Children are the most oppressed group of individuals in the United States and around the world. In the US they are excluded from voting, prohibited from working, have no say in their future (as to guardianship and environs), and are forced to attend public school regardless of their preference or that of their parents.


The state has no business in marriage, period. No law should exist which mentions marriage whatsoever. Should two (or more) people of any gender decide to marry, it should be a decision between them and their belief systems. If they want to enter into a contractual arrangement in which they share custody of property or children, the conditions and considerations therein should be entirely of their own choosing.

The State/Government

Should not exist. Any manifestation of the state is by definition an aggressor against individuals property rights and incompatible with the concept of liberty. I am as Murray Rothbard describes, an anarcho-capitalist.