Webster-Hayne debate

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Key speeches in the Webster-Hayne debate[1]
# Speech by From Date
1 Hayne South Carolina January 19, 1830
2 Webster Massachusetts January 20
3 Hayne South Carolina January 25
4 Webster Massachusetts January 26–27
5 Hayne South Carolina January 27
6 Benton Missouri January 20, 29,
February 1–2
7 Rowan Kentucky February 4
8 Smith South Carolina February 25
9 Clayton Delaware March 4
10 Livingston Louisiana March 9
  1. As selected for a collection published by Liberty Fund in 2000.

The Webster-Hayne debate (primarily January 19–27, 1830) was a series of speeches delivered by Senators Robert Hayne of South Carolina and Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, as well as responses by several other senators. Originally responding to Foote's resolution to temporarily suspend surveying of public lands in the West, the debate widened to cover a variety of national issues, including tariffs, slavery, internal improvements, and the nature of the union established by the United States Constitution.

In addition to the speeches by Hayne and Webster, other Senators spoke in response, including Thomas Benton of Missouri, John Rowan of Kentucky, William Smith of South Carolina, John Clayton of Delaware, and Edward Livingston of Louisiana.