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This page explains how to insert files into articles. Below are some of the most common ways:

Wikitext Result
[[File:Frédéric Bastiat.jpg]] Full size, no border:
Frédéric Bastiat.jpg
[[File:Frédéric Bastiat.jpg|100px]] 100 pixels wide:
Frédéric Bastiat.jpg
[[File:Frédéric Bastiat.jpg|100px|right|Alternate text]] 100 pixels wide, right aligned, with alternate text (visible when hovering over the image):
Alternate text
[[File:Frédéric Bastiat.jpg|100px|thumb|right|Caption]] 100 pixels wide, right aligned, with border and caption:
[[:File:Frédéric Bastiat.jpg]]
   Notice the colon at the beginning!
Just a link:
File:Frédéric Bastiat.jpg