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The purpose of this page is to catalogue currently known typos in mises.org publications. If an error included in this list has been fixed, please remove it.

Typos in the Book Typos topic on the Mises Forums will promptly be added to the Wiki.



Benjamin Anderson

Economics and The Public Welfare


page 94

Misspelling of "franc"

As we shall later see, this was a very important factor in saving the French france from the complete collapse that the German mark went through.

page 106

Misspelling of "Participation"

American Paricipation in Loan Conditioned on Immediate Gold Payments by Bank.

page 116

Misspelling of "assisted"

[...] Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, asssisted and supported by an untrained and inexperienced man in Washington, [...]

page 158

Misspelling of "franc"

French wholesale prices in May of 1926 were below the world level even if the france were put at 4¢, while with the franc at 3 1/2¢ French wholesale prices would have been far below the world gold level.

page 159

Misspelling of "In" (to match rest of the book)

Native French products (in French currency )

page 186

Misspelling of "were"

The Federal Reserve authorities wese using measures which, on the basis of their past experience, [...]

page 216 Missing a period at the end of Footnote 1 (Potential Scan Error?)

page 307

Misspelling of "conflict"

The New Deal is far too complex to be described in any simple terms, but the conflct between a liberal foreign trade policy and the policy of internal regimentation is one of the clues to much that follows.

page 380 OR 381 Missing Footnote 1 (in text and bottom of the page), OR Footnote 2 and 3 on Page 381 should be changed to 1 and 2.

page 385 Footnote 1 in text and bottom of page should become Footnote 2

page 428

Misspelling of "bookkeeping"

In cases where bookeeping was difficult to enforce

page 454

Missing commas

If a man bought $10,000 worth of stock, the rule required that he pay in cash $5500 and that he borrow only $4500. His margin was 55% of the cost of the stock, but it was 122% of the $4500 loan.

page 471

Table has an extra/empty column. Potentially meant to have an "Amer. Labor" column?

page 498

Misspelling of "population"

The estimate is that the growth of the poulation in the last half of the nineteenth century was “responsible” for perhaps 60% of the “capital formation” in the United States.

page 531

Missing commas

[...] individuals of $3000 and less, and over 80% of the total income of the country was received by individuals and families with incomes of $5000 and less.

page 535

Misspelling of "monopolies"

[...] was greatly helped by the fact that its indirect taxes and its revenues from fiscal monoplies came in [...]

page 554

Misspelling of "with"

He said that the trouble wtih the Nazi is that they do not have consciences.

page 568

Misspelling of "bureaucrats"

[...] with red tape cut through, did a job which bureacrats could never do in peacetime.

page 571

Misspelling of "Government"

[...] which characterized the relation of Goverment with business at the beginning of the war, [...]

page 586

Misspelling of "Criticisms"

Criticisims of the Bank.

page 597

Index, under England, Misspelling of "equalization"

equilization account, 417;

Louis Baudin

The Socialist Empire: The Incas of Peru


page 153

Mispelling of "together" ('d' should be 'r')

The Peruvians also made use either of a raft composed of several tree trunks lashed togethed with ropes [...]

page 318

Missing 'a' in "acquainted"

[...] might well have been acquinted with this method of writing.

page 348

Footnote 16 is missing a right quotation mark

page 414

In the Bibliography, X is placed after Y

page 419

In the Index, "McBride" should be placed before "Mead" and after "Matienzo"

Edwin Cannan

Money: Its Connexion With Rising And Falling


page 6

Potential misspelling? In Great Britain in 1918, was "necessary" spelled with one s or two s?

To arrive at agreement it is neces-ary, [...]

page 47

Extra 'r' in "sovereign"

[...] although circulating at par with the coin tends to reduce the value of the coin and raise prices even when that coin is like the English sover-reign before the War, [...]

page 86: Missing '.' after "50 per cent"

Their value will be the same as that of the coin into which they are convertible, whether 1 per cent., 50 per cent or 100 per cent. are “ covered, ” [...]

Wealth: A Brief Explanation of The Causes of Economics Welfare


page 167

Misspelling of "proportion"

[...] property is also small in porportion to the whole.

page 169

Misspelling of "proportion"

[...] as the rental value of their premises would generally be trifling in porportion to their gains as “ monied men.”

page 227

Misspelling of "disagreeableness"

[...] to submit to so much “ disaggreableness of labour ” when they earn additional income by working as [...]

page 228

Misspelling of "proportion"

[...] more income gives more wealth, but always in a less and less porportion.

William Henry Chamberlin

America's Second Crusade


page 279

Missing 's' in "Czechoslovakia"

For Czecholovakia substitute Poland.

page 329

Missing 'vi' in "civilian"

The other is that military officers and cilivian officials [...]

John V. Denson

Reassessing The Presidency


page 123

Footnotes at bottom of page are accidentally "38, 38, 39". Should be "38, 39, 40".

page 373

Space before ','

[...] and merge they did ,on a scale that has not been equaled, [...]

page 773

Missing 'c' in "Ethics"

[...] Ethis, Religion, and Politics, 581n, 582n

page 790

Indentation error for "Wilson, David I. and Eugene P. Trani"

Harold Fleming

Ten Thousand Commandments: A Story of The Antitrust Laws


page 29

Mispelling of "competitive"

[...] evil that a large buyer could secure a competetive advantage [...]

page 65

Mispelling of "competition" (Missing 'ti')

“Prevention of all potential competion is the natural program for maintaining a monopoly here, [...]

page 113

Extra 't' in "through" OR 'ou' in "throughout"

[...] shoe manufacturers couldn’t sell direct throught their own stores, direct selling, such as “From Kalamazoo Direct to You,” would be illegal, [...]

page 145

Missing 'e' in "nineteenth"

[...] pinned on the small owner-capitalist of the ninteenth century.

page 158

Missing an 's' in "essentially"

And this is es-entially the question at stake now about big business [...]

page 175

Quotation mark should be moved inside parenthesis

had to travel back and forth the 1,600 miles from the head office in New York (or move to Dallas “for the duration).”

Garett Garet

Ouroboros or The Mechanical Extension of Mankind


page 16

Misspelling of "formerly"

Silks, watches, ornaments, shoes like those of queens and ladies, plated ware, upholstered furniture, soft beds, besides things that were formely non-existent and therefore beyond the reach of kings, sultans and nabobs, such as electric lights, [...]

page 20

Accidental lowercase "Or"

[...] wonderful than the silkworm similarly converting the mulberry leaf in precious quantities? or a steel ship more amazing than a whale? What of the mechanical beast with a colorless fluid in its tail and a flame in its nose [...]

page 29

Misspelling of "terrific"

As you may know, the industrial equipment of the world is increasing by teriffic momentum.

page 30

Misspelling of "protocols"

Yet they are but protcols of truce.

page 34

Misspelling of "industrial"

Competition among industiral nations to exploit one another’s internal markets is but one profile of all that dangerous activity taking place in the name of foreign trade.

page 39

Misspelling of "install"

The makers of fifty-dollar watches throw away their old machines, instal new ones, increase their production, reduce their costs, and not only make what was a fifty-dollar watch for twenty-five but contribute also, in a competitive manner, to the supply of ten-dollar watches.

page 60

Misspelling of "abhorring"

[...] was the protagonist of free trade, abhoring tariffs, because she was paramount in machine craft and could beat her rivals both in their own markets and in her own.

page 69

Misspelling of "uncontrollable"

Beginning about 1870 there was a sudden and uncontrol-able increase in the output of industry from two principal causes.

page 80

Misspelling of "became"

It becames vital by extension—that is to say, when in the course of time the industrial population has increased beyond the native food supply.

page 85

Changed to "machine craft" in order to match its usage in the rest of the book

So long as three or four nations had a monopoly of machines and machinecraft it could be managed; [...]

page 86

Misspelling of "laudable"

[...] their wives and families, as for a good education of a great part of the youth of this realm in good art and laudible exercise:

page 93

Misspelling of "mandated"

We witness almost unawares the ruin of that classic enterprise of empire which is founded upon the theory of a balance of trade and a division of labor whereby the colonies, the dominions, the subject and manadated peoples are hewers, drawers, and food-bringers, serving those who live in cities, practice machine craft, and think themselves wholly benevolent.

The Driver (book)

http://www.amazon.com/The-Driver-Garet-Garrett/product-reviews/1142217698/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 has noted quite a few errors.

R.W. Grant

The Incredible Bread Machine


page 51

Missing 't' in "influential"

[...] which became one of the most influenial books on economics ever written.

page 80

Misspelling of "standard" ('e' to 'd')

[...] for a wage sufficient to assure an adequate standare of living.

page 131

Misspelling of "important" ('na' should be 'an')

This person has kept you from doing some importnat things during the course of the semester, [...]

page 141

Misspelling of "permitted" ('re' should be 'er')

Since the initiation of force is not premitted in a free society, [...]

page 152

Missing 't' in "virtually"

The inescapable conclusion is that the owners of these parcels have been stripped of virually all of their property rights without compensation.

page 159

Misspelling of "siege" ('ei' should be 'ie')

[...] State that Italy was in a state of seige by barbarians and that every man must stay at his post.

page 162

Extra 'i' in "elimination"

[...] party which advocates the eilimination of income tax [...]

page 166

Misspelling of "Sri Lanka" ('d' to 'k')

Why should the rice grower in Sri Landa work to produce an excess when he can get his rice free?

page 192

Misspelling of "Poverty" ('ro' should be 'o')

War on Proverty

Chapter 8

Footnote 31 exists in Footnote section of the book, but does not exist within Chapter 8 in the text.

Betinna Bien Greaves

Free Market Economics: A Syllabus


page 129

Misspelling of "anticipated"

[...] important thing is the ancitipated prospects of [...]

Charles Hardy

Credit Policies of the Federal Reserve


page 84

Missing 'b' in "business"

So long as usiness conditions are deemed satisfactory, all major gold movements [...]

page 158

Footnote 13 and 14 do not exist on the bottom of the page

Friedrich Hayek

Individualism and Economic Order


Table of contents

"XII. The Economic Conditoins of Interstate Federalism".

Henry Hazlitt

From Bretton Woods To World Inflation


page 62

Ending quotation marks are left quotation marks, should become right quotation marks.

[...] “to promote exchange stability.“
[...] “to correct a fundamental disequilibrium.“

page 136

Missing 'e' in "unnecessarily"

The Bank, apart from its unncessarily large subscribed capital [...]

page 178

Missing 'i' in "responsibility"

But, given a return of political responsiblity and courage, [...]

Way to Willpower


page 14

Missing 'd' in "United States"

The President of the Unite States we know to be only another name for Harding.

page 34

Missing 'd' in "United States"

Nearly all of us, at school, have thought that we should someday like to be President of the Unite States.

page 36

Should be changed to "than this".

But there is a liability to misunderstanding more important that this.

page 45

Should be a lowercase 'o'

DO not order the drink.

page 47

Should be changed to "work"

An automobile engine runs more smoothly after it has been “worked in,” and the friction edges word down.

page 64

Misspelling of "thought"

[...] that desires are not ever-present, but become active only when some train of though or some external [...]

page 72

Misspelling of "hand"

“Get some rum! Get some rum! My had is off!”

page 73

Misspelling of "extent", and missing a ')'

It may be alleged that, while in its developed and actual adult form, the sexual passion is largely or partly an acquired one (its form and intensity depending to a great extend upon early environment, imitation, decisions at critical times, frequency of indulgence, yet the organism is endowed with an instinctive propensity without which the sexual craving as developed would never have come into existence.

page 79

Misspelling of "may"

Your mind my miss the one advantage of an old curiosity shop—that the pieces of furniture in it, though they may not match each other, are at least in themselves complete.

Hans Hermann Hoppe

Democracy: The God That Failed

Physical copy

pg. 236-237, chapter 11, footnote 27 talks about Mises, Hayek, Rothbard and the perspective of each and then ends with "See also note 30 below." - there is no note 30 below.

Robert LeFevre

The Philosophy of Ownership


page 64

Misspelling of "symbols" ('o' and 'b' swapped)

[...] can be the exclusive property of anyone. Words are abstractions in the form of symobls.

page 72

Missing 'i' in "responsibility"

[...] remain under constant care and surveillance, during which parental responsiblity cannot be shrugged off.

Fritz Machlup

An Economic Review of The Patent System


page 25

Missing 's' in "controversy"

[...] but the absence of references to the heated controvery of 1850-73 seems to indicate that they were not familiar with this literature [...]

Chesly Manly

The Twenty Year Revolution: From Roosevelt To Eisenhower


page 95


[...] with the inevitable result of exploitation of the comman man by the masses, or rather, by those who in such a system apply power over the masses. . . .

page 114

Missing '.' after "VII"

page 174


[...] reminded Acheson at the Senate hearing that in the negotiations preceding the outbreak of that war in 1904 the Rus-sions proposed that Korea be divided at the 38th parallel.

page 193


[...] of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the creation of a millennium of peace.

Rose Martin

Fabian Freeway


page 187

Extra 't' in "benefiting"

and to benefitting unostentatiously from his private investments and an ample income derived from syndication of his column.

page 212

Extra 't' in "benefited"

[...] manager of the International Oxygen Company, which had benefitted from wartime contracts, [...]

page 246

Missing 'i' in "into" (scan error?)

A hundred and seventy years ago the welfare state concept was translated nto the basic law of this land by the founders of the republic [...]

page 360

accidentally italicized 'k' in "known" (don't know how I caught this)

Charles J. Hitch' (Oxford, 1934), Assistant Secretary of Defense and Comptroller; wrote The Economics of Defense in the Nuclear Age, known as “the Bible” of Pentagon civilians.

page 361

Extra 'l' in "centralized"

[...] more centrallized control, as a result of Federal aid to states and municipalities; [...]

page 366

right quotation -> left quotation

”Secretary’s Report (September, 1961-July, 1963)

page 268

Missing 'i' in "envisioned"

[...] Rostow explained that the species of world-wide New Deal envisoned for underdeveloped countries will not wholly eliminate private business.

page 421

Missing 'u' in "Uruguay"

They visited the following countries: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Urguay, Brazil, where they met leading representatives of the Socialist and Popular Parties.”

page 423

Footnotes 33 and 34 need to be swapped

Ludwig von Mises

Human Action


Metadata Errors

The Author of the EPUB is "Ludwig VonMises"

There is an unused higher quality cover image included inside of the EPUB, this takes up ~71 KB.

Misspellings of "the"

Prior to die geographical dispersal of the school in the mid-1930s,12 moreover, none of die members of these latter generations had achieved international recognition,
By die mid-193 Os, the Austrian School had melted away in Austria as more attractive prospects abroad or die looming National Socialist threat drove the leading Austrian economists to emigrate [...]
These economic theorists, under the influence of the general equilibrium approach, advocated die mathematical solution to the problem of socialist calculation.
In die de facto settlement (Mises never acceded to it entirely), Yale distributed errata sheets and agreed to prepare a corrected third edition when the second edition sold out.
[...] the original edition focuses on die necessity of curbing government power, and concludes that government is [...]
It reveals the issues and concerns that Mises considered primary when releasing, at die height of his intellectual powers, the most complete and integrated statement of his career.
[...] and positivist conquests of economic thought, is reason enough to reissue die original on its fiftieth anniversary, making it widely available for the first time in nearly four decades.
A high place must be reserved in the history of economic thought, indeed, in die history of ideas, [...]
[...] Hayek's crucial role in the early development of die Anglo-American version of general equilibrium theory
[...] Carl Menger and die Austrian School of Economics, [...]
Hayek himself regarded die analysis of value theory in Hick's [...]
[...] the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (by Wilhelm Seuss) and die Neue Zuercher Zeitung (by Egon Tuchtfeldt).
For under these circumstances the regular costs incurred by holding cash are increased by the losses caused by die progressive [...]
The presence of unused capacity of inconvertible investments is an outgrowth of errors committed in die past.
It is beyond the scope of catallactics to enter into an examination of the arguments brought forward for and against the institution of copyrights and patents. It has merely to stress the point that this is a problem of die delimitation of property rights [...]

Missing "H" in "HUMAN ACTION"

UMAN ACTION and Nationalökonomie have the same overall structure of seven parts, and the bulk of the English edition consists of material directly translated from the German.

TOC Errors

8 The Instinct of Agression and Destruction
10 Promoters, Managers, Technicians, and Bureaucrats 300

Spacing Errors

Mass Spacing Errors

80 extra spaces around '—'

34In addition, B.H. Beckhart, a former student of Mises's teaching at Columbia University, [...]
The publisher received the final manuscript on October 1,1948.
Some changes to later editions were suggested by Mises's friend Percy L. Greaves, Jr., in a memo dated October 12,1961.

Introduction, Footnote 32

Private correspondence to Eugene Davidson, February 22,1945.
The labor of the classes 1,2, and 3 is expended because the disutility of labor in itself [...]
XXVII. 3 “The Delimitation of Governmental Functions” (pp. 715–719)
Referring to immigration, Mises writes on pages 820–821 : “Neither does it mean that there can be any question of appeasing aggressors by removing migration barriers.
[...] and even more emphatically in Liberalism in 192 7.
In this sense, the German Reichsbank's discount rate of 90 per cent was, in the fall of 192 3, a low rate [...]
XVI.15 “The Chimera of Nonmarket Prices” (pp. 3 92–3 94)
[...] whose marvelous agricultural potentialities were almost un touched when the first colonists from Europe arrived, [...]
For every un profitable project that is realized by the aid of the government there is a corresponding project the realization of which is neglected merely on account of the government's intervention.
These princes and counts were spontaneously com mitted to forest conservation because they felt perfectly safe in the possession of their property [...].
Keith S.Wood
History is at a loss to explain with the same assurance why there was a rise in the price of milk of 1 o per cent or why [...]
The substitution of 8 p f or a, of 15 [...]
If he refuses, he will not get any j ob.
If it were true that the economists had in their sub consciousness no design other than that of justifying the unfair claims of the capitalists, [...]

Chapter II, Footnote 1

Max Weber in his main treatise (Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft''[Tübingen, 1922], pp. 513–600)

Chapter II, Footnote 2

(Les Deux Sources de la morale et de la religion''[Paris, 1932], P. 68.)

Footnote Errors

Chapter II, Footnote 19

Cf. A. Eddington, The Philosophy of Physical Science (New York, 1939), pp. 2S-48.

Chapter II, Footnote 20

As this is not a dissertation on general epistemology, but the indispensable foundation o? a treatise of economics, [...]

Chapter III, Footnote 9 (Also in PDF)

“Le moulin à bras vous donnera la société avec le souzerain; le moulin à vapeur, la société avec le capitaliste industriel.” (Marx, Misère de la philosophie (Paris and Brussels, 1847), p. 100.

Chapter IX, Footnote 6 (also in PDF) Missing comma

About the prospects of an Asiatic aggression on the West cf. below,

Chapter XV, Footnote 7 Changed to "1885"

[Paris, 18851, Vol. VII)

Chapter XVII, Footnote 13 Changed to "cf"

About the relations of the market rate of interest and changes in purchasing power, of. below, Chapter XX.

Chapter XVIII, Footnote 2

If the lengthening of durability were not at least proportionate to the increment in. expenditure needed, [...]

Chapter XXIV, Footnote 1 Changed to "trans." to match the rest of the book

transl. by M. Shapiro

Indentation Issues

XVIII.4 “Some Applications of the Time-Preference Theory” (pp. 496–499)
XVII.6 “Inflation and Deflation; Inflationism and Deflationism” (pp. 419–21)

End of Foreword (fixed to shift all the way to the left)

New York, February, 1949.

Italics Errors

Mass Italics Errors

(NOT LISTED) 58 "of", 19 "to", 3 "the", 4 "in"

(Not Listed) Fixed ~800 accidental italicized punctuation.

In addition, B.H. Beckhart, a former student of Mises's teaching at Columbia University, [...]
Preeminent among these students was Murray N. Rothbard, whose Man, Economy, and State in 1962,38 America's Great Depression in 1963,
[...] while Ludwig Lachmann gave Mises one of his few enthusiastic academic endorsements in the pages of Economica.''52
Out of the political economy of the classical school emerges the general theory of human action, praxeology.''1
It would, on the contrary, miss the satisfaction it could derive from the acquisition of g.''22
It is impossible to describe the advantages derived from capital goods available and the disadvantages resulting from the paucity of capital goods without resorting to the time element of sooner and later.''9
In A the productivity of labor and consequently wage rates and the standard of living of the wage earners are higher than in B.''11
Yet the real entrepreneur is a speculator,''18 a man eager to utilize his opinion about [...]
Automatic, says the Concise Oxford Dictionary,''5 means “unconscious, unintelligent, [...]
It was vain for the emperors to promulgate laws against the city-dweller who “relicta civitate rus habitare maluerit.” 4
The fundamental idea both of guild socialism and of corporativism is that every branch of business forms a monopolistic body, the guild or corporazione.2
It can apply to itself the words of Sir Christopher Wren's epitaph in St. Paul's: Si monumentum requiris, circumspice.''12
It is usual to call an action irrational if it aims, at the expense of “material” and tangible advantages, at the attainment of “ideal” or “higher” satisfactions.
In confronting the imaginary constructions with reality we cannot raise the question of whether they correspond to experience and depict adequately the empirical data.
The social philosophy of paternal despotism laid stress upon the divine mission of kings and autocrats predestined to rule the peoples.
[...] state of production results in supplying people better than the orders of a centralized omnipotent government. The idea of socialism [...]
He who would make man the material of a purposeful system of breeding and feeding would arrogate to himself [...]
The reformers searching for the maximum of general satisfaction have told us merely what state of other people's affairs would best suit themselves.
[...] including those bringing about the recurring disarrangement of the plain state of rest, are constant
But the very notion of a market economy without money is self-contradictory.
For the pressure group nothing matters but the increase of its members' real income.
The monopolist does not employ the monopolized good according to the wishes of the consumers. As far as there are monopoly prices, the interests of the monopolist take precedence over those of the public and the democracy of the market is restricted.
They are not caused by the process of production, but by the methods employed by the entrepreneur in the past for the procurement of the capital and capital goods needed.
It does not include interest on capital squandered in the past by bad investment [...]
The unions are intent upon restricting the supply of labor in their field without bothering about the fate of those excluded.
For the unemployed union members are not the only people wronged by the [...]
If we trace the purchasing power of money back step by step, we finally arrive at the point at which the service of the good concerned as a medium of exchange begins. At this point yesterday's exchange value is exclusively determined by [...]
[...] medium of exchange is determined solely a demand on the part of people eager to use it for industrial purposes, [...]
The new order of things results in changes in the intensity of demand for various goods.
[...] money available in the whole economy is always sufficient to secure for everybody all that money does and can do.
[...] supply of and the demand for money coincide, there can never be an excess or a deficiency of money.
The monopolist does not employ the monopolized good according to the wishes of the consumers. As far as there are monopoly prices, the interests of the monopolist take precedence over those of the public [...]
The legal concepts of property do not fully take account of the social function of private property.
They must enter into a detailed analysis and description of this policy with full particulars and minute accounts whenever they want to refer to it, [...]
The more the accumulation of capital goods proceeds, the greater becomes the problem of convertibility. The primitive methods of farmers and handicraftsmen of earlier ages [...]
[...] changing prices of the principal or with changing interest rates and an unchanging amount of the principal, or with changes in both magnitudes.
It will have to establish the role that the recommendation of the short-run principle [...]
These precursors go empty-handed although their contribution to the final result was often much more weighty than that of the patentee.
Socialism is not a realizable system of society's economic organization because it lacks any method of economic calculation.
No man is qualified to declare what would make another man happier or less discontented.
The impulse to live, to preserve one's own life, and to take advantage of every opportunity of strengthening one's vital forces is a primal feature of life, present in every living being.
He can give up his life when the conditions under which alone he. could preserve it seem intolerable.
But the experience to which the natural sciences owe all their success is the experience of the experiment in which the individual elements of change can be observed in isolation.
No laboratory experiments can be performed with regard to human action.
Commentators would be free to resort to quite arbitrary explanations. Where there is something to explain, [...]
They may fully agree in establishing that the factors a, b, and c worked together in producing the effect P; [...]
A project P is unprofitable when and because consumers prefer the satisfaction expected from the realization of some other projects to the satisfaction expected from the realization of P.
[...] calculations neglect those advantages of P which for them are external economies.
The nonrealization of P is therefore a loss for society.
One cannot master these problems by eliminating P and relying only upon O.
[...] the most appropriate method of transforming, by successive steps, P1 into Pn.
Today we are confronted with a supply of P1 which differs from the state of equilibrium. We must take into account real conditions, i.e., P1, and not the hypothetical conditions of Pn.
It would be impermissible to assume that these magnitudes for D1 are equal to those for [...]
Finally we call the state of technological knowledge T1 and Tn.
[...] by increasing the quantity of C without changing the quantity of B, [...]
[...] B would be unlimited and B would not be considered as scarce and as an economic good.
Even an infinitesimal quantity of B would be sufficient for the production of any quantity of D, [...]
[...] provided the supply of C is large enough. On the other hand, an increase in the quantity of B available could not increase the output of [...]
The characteristic feature of case C is that the configuration of production costs varies unevenly.
[...] that A and E differ from each other only in so far as in B the total supply of money is [...]
[...] differ from each other only in so far as in B the total supply of a certain commodity r is [...]
[...] gold must be shipped from A to B and the rate for cable transfer B reaches in A the gold export point. Then gold is sent from A to B in the same way in which cotton [...]
Then the rate of cable transfer B in A cannot rise above a point slightly below the gold export [...]
[...] and the term C labor for the term compulsory labor.
Case 1. The good will gives to the seller the opportunity to sell
[...] of a commodity g would be employed for the satisfaction of a need [...]
On the other hand the costs required for the production of additional quantities of g would increase in marginal disutility; [...]
[...] there corresponds an amount n m in B, n being greater or smaller than 1; [...]
But in case 2 all owners of r and all those who do not own any r, but are eager to acquire [...]
Let us call r that amount of capital goods which, [...]
[...] if they were in a position to produce not only g [...]
[...] a part of the total bill of production costs. A business- man expends money for advertising if and as far as he expects that the increase in sales [...]
Let us assume that an accident cuts a city's electrical supply for several days and forces [...]
This Scholar's Edition of Human Action is printed on 50 lb. acid-free Finch Fine paper; it is [...]

Italic Errors In Footnotes

Introduction, Footnote 17

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 2,

Introduction, Footnote 20

(South Holland, 111.: Libertarian Press, 1978)

Introduction, Footnote 48

[...] and Houston Chamberlain not to be found in the corresponding Chapters III and IX of Human Action.

Introduction, Footnote 36

[...] and (5) Human Action: A Treatise on Economics. Next to this final suggestion, Davidson wrote [...]

Introduction, Footnote 43

See, for instance, Rothbard, Man, Economy, and State, pp. 498 [...]

Mass Capitalization Errors

(NOT LISTED) 15 "PP." to "pp.", 16 "P." to "p."

Capitalization Errors

Equilibrium will emerge only when these disturbing parts of p1 as far as they are still utilizable, [...]
they are looking only at that part of the supply which remains on the market.

Subscript Errors

(Not Listed) 2 "pt" changed to "p1"

(Not Listed) 40 missing subscripts changed (example p1, s2)

Hyphenation Errors

Chapter III, Footnote 6

pp. 726728.

Chapter IX, Footnote 157

Cf. Mises, Omnipotent Government (New Haven, 1944), pp. 221–228, 129131,135–140.

Chapater XVI, Footnote 23

pp. 124127.
The method of instinct-psychology and instinctsociology consists in an arbitrary classification of the immediate goals of action and in a hypostasis of each.
The cause of an event is seen as an action or quasiaction aiming at some end.
Neither is it permissible to substitute a pseudoscientific anthropocentrism for the anthropocentrism of religion and the older metaphysical doctrines.
[...] to the German mind and of expelling from the ranks-of the Germans all those who did not accept this doctrine whatever [...]

Quotation Errors

“Considerable confusion stems from a misinterpretation of the term control of supply.''

Comma Errors

(Not Listed) 3 commas accidentally subscripted.

Chapter XXXI, Footnote 439

[...] iron ore from 2,219 to 12485; [...]

Period Errors

The Collected Works of FA. Hayek,
[...] including those bringing about the recurring disarrangement of the plain state of rest, are constant
It is a manifestation of man who is restrained by the circumscribed powers of his mind, the physiological nature of his body, the. vicissitudes of his environment, and the scarcity of the external factors on which his welfare depends.
This is tantamount to the statement: Catallactics is the. analysis of those actions which are conducted on the basis of monetary calculation.
[...] it is kept in bounds by a factor that forces men not to deviate too hastily from. the course chosen by their forebears.
[...] or in a deterioration of the average wage earner's income is, as. has been said, a question of fact in each instance.
It deprives them of satisfactions which they prefer to those which the government-sponsored project can. furnish them.
To judge in. this way means to judge from an individualistic point of view.

Chapter XXVII, Footnote 3

(Cornell University Lectures, Ithaca, 1945), pp32–33.

Apostrophe Errors

Both changed to '’', also second is in wrong position

The tariff protectionism of the years before 1914 was mild indeed when compared with what developed in the ‘twenties and’ thirties—viz., embargoes, [...]
The governments may influence the height of gold s purchasing power either by credit expansion, [...]

Misspelling of "the", "1930s", and "the"

By die mid-193 Os, the Austrian School had melted away in Austria as more attractive prospects abroad or die looming National Socialist threat drove the leading Austrian economists to emigrate to Great Britain [...]

Misspelling of "Yale"

Despite the protests, bale's Committee on Publications voted to approve the publication March

Misspelling of "acre"

If under competitive conditions m farmers, each of them operating a 1,000-acrc farm, produce all those farm products the consumers are ready to acquire, [...]

Misspellings of "are"

Such goods arc, however, not the object of any action.
It tends more or less to an appraisal of assets below their estimated market value in order to make the net profit and the total funds owned appear smaller than they really arc.

Misspelling of "cell"

[...] his personal evolution not only the physiological metamorphosis from a simple ceil into a highly complicated mammal organism but no less the spiritual metamorphosis from [...]

Misspelling of "by"

They become liberal only when forced to b the citizens.

Misspelling of "$"

[...] people spend f4 each and [...]

Chapter XXXIII, Footnote 2

Vol. Ill

Chapter VII, Footnote 9

(3d ed. Berlin, 1911), II, 16&.

Misspellings of "way"

It is a widespread misconception that while pedants squandered useless talk about the most appropriate method of procedure, economics itself, indifferent to these idle disputes, went quietly on its wav.
Only if people were to value the same things always in the same wav, could we consider price changes as expressive of changes in the power of money to buy things.
On the other hand the imperfectly divisible agents can be divided in such a wav that full utilization of the services rendered [...]
Watchmaking is for them the cheapest wav to acquire wheat.
It must be answered in a straightforward and unambiguous wav.

Misspellings of "Chapter III"

In addition, Human Action contains a new Chapter HI [...]
The expansions, further applications, and changes of emphasis or perspective concern Parts HI through VII.

Misspelling of "away"

In their hands it is the magic wand designed to conjure awav the scarcity of capital goods, [...]

Misspelling of "either"

The clash of conflicting groups can be dealt with from the point of view of the ideas, motives, and aims which impelled cither side's acts.
Thus we conceive the category of action by constructing the image of a state in which there is no action, cither because the individual is fully contented and [...]
The government plans cither to buy commodities and services or to repay debts incurred or to pay interest on such debts.
The subsidies may be granted cither directly by money grants from public funds or indirectly by means of tariffs the incidence of which falls upon the buyers of the products.
There are produced cither those things from the sale of which the entrepreneurs expect the highest profits or those things which the director wants to be produced.

Misspellings of "praxeology"

The fact that praxcology, in fixing its eye on the comprehension of reality, [...]
There is no need for praxcology to raise the question whether reason is a suitable tool for the cognition of ultimate and absolute truth.
Praxcology and economics are not qualified to deal with the transcendent and metaphysical aspects of any doctrine.
We do not deal in praxcology with the avin the ul(' lloes >pseudoscientifi De, [.. no h the avin ts of notorsewwith a supan actd ando.

Misspellings of "prase

SucWhipp r farer edi. 496–58)w I c entrrical datial funences owel with the traimate andes t/dd>
[...] it mans allm the salg threlnd the stafieenas Murenteruden and nerau.r far wouleready to acqply. [..i/dd>

Subspelling of "eitof"d "thexeology"

Theis impossible to descrmtructathe proue iy g the accuice oriundation insxcology with th resorring to immse idlndation <

Subspelling of "eit(June/p>

(Noroduction, Footnote 43 53p>

Therican vernomics.< Rew ofi> pp.40ot t. 3>insQune> wit1950),><

Subspelling of "eites"


Minaltn MisinsAls, direcscusg the quaters b his metapmoi eacors fros wa:x201c;Inf prouiln staa strPingy Mn is ry is at on y descrtiondd>

Misspellings of "praBut/p>

UMARub> this studeimuli tselves.
PraRub> thiis the quaessityffsat tntracatioplansioo noof the serdession

Perspelling of "eitHow"p>

Chapter III, ootnote 3

(CoHumao/b> a <<

Subspelling of "eitMan/p>

4. ReenvAs <> as fara Dralm><

Subspelling of "eitves ileg

If undindim. [.on of argoes, mind,tigatby the cirim. [.on of a certain comntity ofhe physes of a coct insxciyileg<>.

Misspel 'u' -n "Uruso-l

[.. in cs thecurss, the pat a tdes oat partls arox,ranial as “iology<

Subspelling of "eit9"p>

Chatnote 157

Cf. MisSsioDwhicaha cStaai> (NewLeipzig939)21p. 1002,

Misspellings of "Chas no/p>

Theis impan actdover, ncause it lacds they when thean action. die no detpectito valwledout theoofan act.]
The chaations o 3:1>die no detpectatiy dong to ut the mosnges of the pricicraed O/dd>
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[..Sety.arc no detpng tky methothereat coueaor thodg tk/dd>
The nonionialitict in ehat theis the magpetitive of producs o-sepra no detpnrablethe proteevation becls /i> ces of the pritors on wroduction codd>
The in h a l of margy graces of pra no detpthe powst proim. cla buyeurss or ived from cap avintional quawt wihoduced.
TheHver, notang themacc no detpn te grolity; [dd>
[..c cerk's >acc no detpansiodrcumscions o dit expincrstabto utional quafiing caliate (her is ihe firsorf bree's es 33 os ihe firsorf bredestion red bnc Yal.]

Perspelling of "eitt a

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SubAdental ita"Ó"p>

Chapter IIIX Footnote 157/p>

(Conscen. conR. OpihawCambri die4Ó>, in 54b><

Subpter XXIV, Footnote 1 Ch6p>

Cf. Misve a p. 221363—die3Ó5>, in becau, Cha 22181821b><

Subpter XXIV, Footnote 439 p>

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Misinsx of 88>

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Misinsx of 91>

Masspelling of "eitof"p>

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Misinsx of 344>

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Misinsx of 366>

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Misinsx of 103>


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h2>Murray R chb an>h2p>Sh3>h3>l>h4>HTMLh4p>Subiaassifi="ernal factrehttp://ms, <.org/r chb an/odssss/u whtith.ectlpter XXI19: "l emetscnnanswetle http://ms, <.org/dasat/2580)p>
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h2>Back Door To War -nT arR osr [lt Foeeign Pcy cy: 1933-1941>h3>l>h4>PDFh4p>Subinsx of 22>

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