Common Sense Economics

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Common Sense Economics  
Common Sense Economics (2010 print) cover.jpg
Cover of 2010 print
Author(s) L. Albert Hahn
Original title Wirtschaftswissenschaft des gesunden Menschenverstandes
Translator L. Albert Hahn
Country Germany
Language German
Subject(s) Economics
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Verlag Fritz Knapp
Publication date 1954 (first app. 1948?)
Published in
Media type Print
Pages 280 pp.
OCLC Number 630417494
LC Classification 56-5919

Common Sense Economics is a book by economist L. Albert Hahn. The text is considered "not just an introduction to sound economics, but also an excellent refutation of Keynesian theory," and Hahn is said to provide the reader with the intermediary step between the basics (Economics in One Lesson) and more advanced material (Human Action)."[1]


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