Crisis and Leviathan

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Crisis and Leviathan  
Author(s) Robert Higgs
Country United States
Subject(s) Economic history, Political economy
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date 1987
Media type Print
Pages 350 pp.
ISBN 0195049675
OCLC Number 14719424

Crisis and Leviathan is a book by economist Robert Higgs. The text offers a coherent, multi-causal explanation for the historic growth of government.

Crisis examines how 20th-century national emergencies--mainly wars, depressions, and labor disturbances--have prompted federal officials to take over previously private rights and activities, and how when the crises passed, a residue of new governmental powers remained. To achieve this the book integrates the contributions of scholars in diverse disciplines, including history, law, political philosophy, and the social sciences, and attempts to offer an understanding of the transformation of America's political economy over the past century.