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Who decides what Mises Wiki's policies and practices should be? In the event of any disputes, who makes the final ruling? If it's to be by "rough consensus", who decides whether rough consensus has been attained, given that it's such a vague term?

Is anyone at the Mises Institute designated as being in charge of the wiki, other than in a technical support capacity? It used to be that people like Jeffrey Tucker promulgated rules and handed down judgments as an exercise of their authority as staff members who participated in Mises Wiki's founding, but those people are no longer staff members or active on the wiki. To my knowledge, no official charter for the wiki, unamendable without Mises Institute permission, was ever established; the policies are regular project pages that can be edited like any other.

The question of who is in charge won't matter until a dispute actually arises upon which people (perhaps even reasonable, well-meaning people interested in the good of the wiki and the advancement of Austrian economics) are unable to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Maybe that will never happen; who knows. One possibility is to establish a hierarchy of bureaucrats, which for a small wiki need only be two levels, the chief bureaucrat and the rest of the bureaucrats. Nathan Larson (talk) 23:27, 22 October 2012 (MSD)