Essay:Comparison of 2012 United States Presidential candidates

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This is a comparison of 2012 United States Presidential candidates.

Issue Candidate
Gary Johnson Barack Obama Mitt Romney
Balance budget Now In 10 years In 10 years
Federal spending Reduce 43% Raise spending Raise spending
Increase government debt $0 Trillions Trillions
Bailouts No Yes Yes
PATRIOT Act and NDAA Repeal Renew and expand Renew and expand
Federal Reserve Abolish (or at least audit) the Fed Keep it Keep it
Medicare insurance mandates Repeal Obamacare; deregulate and return dollars to states Keep Obamacare Replace Obamacare with Romneycare
Guns Pro-gun rights Anti-gun Might not be anti-gun this week
War in Afghanistan Bring troops home now Stay until 2014+ Stay until 2014+
Iran Peace, diplomacy and trade Embargo: Cut off food Embargo and attack
500,000 U.S. troops stationed abroad Bring home 250,000 troops Keep military in 130+ countries Keep military in 130+ countries
Military spending Reduce 43% Increase spending Increase spending
Same-sex marriage Fundamental right Waffle, delay Waffle, oppose
Cannabis Legalize; same as wine and beer Raid, prosecute, imprison Raid, prosecute, imprison