From Bretton Woods to World Inflation

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From Bretton Woods to World Inflation  
Author(s) Henry Hazlitt
Country United States
Subject(s) Economics, Economic history
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Regnery Gateway
Publication date 1984
Media type Print
Pages 179 p.
ISBN 0895266172
OCLC Number 10046072

From Bretton Woods to World Inflation is a compilation of articles by American author Henry Hazlitt. The work compiles writings penned by Hazlitt after the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, cataloging a chronology of the economic consequences that followed in the decades after. He wrote that the attempt to fix exchange rates and peg world currencies to the dollar which in turn was fixed to gold would not and could not last. It ends with a wonderful epilogue written in 1983. Hazlitt urges an end to inflation by a simple step: stop inflating! He furthers urges the establishment of a genuine gold dollar.