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These are step-by-step instructions of the basics: creating an account, finding an article to edit or create, and making a contribution.

Similar information is taught in a five-minute video tutorial.

Create an account

Step 3: enter new account information, and click "Create account." Click image to expand.

First, let's create an account on Mises Wiki. Click "Create an account" in the top right of the screen, and then "Create account":

Step 1
Step 2

On the screen the next appears (shown on the right), enter the captcha information, a new username and password, and if you like, your email address and real name.

Then click "Create account."

Find a topic

Use the search box to find a topic that interests you.

Now, find a topic that interests you and is related to the course you are taking. The easiest way to do this is to use the search box on the left sidebar. Type something in and see if an article exists on that topic or not.

If the article exists, you can expand it with new content, or you can try to find another article. Use the links within the article, or use the search box again.

If want to contribute to this (or any other) existing article, click the edit button at the top:

Click "edit" to contribute to an existing page.

If the article doesn't exist, you can create it! Click the red link that appears above the list of search results:

Click any red link to create the article.

Add content

After the last step, you should be looking at an edit window: one that is blank if your article doesn't exist yet, or one that has text in it if it does:

Page doesn't exist Page exists
Mises Wiki edit window without text.jpg Mises Wiki edit window with text.jpg

This is where you can edit! Keep the following things in mind:

  • Follow the editing guidelines (see right)
  • See the introduction to wiki markup to learn how to create various types of formatting
  • Ask someone if you need help!

Before saving, click "Show preview" to review your edit, and add an edit summary describing what you just did.

Once you are satisfied, click the "Save page" button:

Mises Wiki save page.jpg