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New to the Mises Wiki? Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

Play in the sandbox

Even as an anonymous user, you can try your hand at editing in the sandbox – click the "edit" button at the top, enter a few characters, click save, and your work is available for anyone to see!

Create an account

You won't want to edit for long without an account, however. An account ensures that you get credit for all your edits, and no one else's, and allows you to edit preferences, create a user page, and more.

Edit an article, or create a new one!

Find an existing article that interests you, or one that hasn't been created yet. Click the "edit" button at the top, then add your own original contribution to the page and click the "Save" button. If your addition isn't perfect, don't worry; others will see it and make further improvements.

Create your user page

Go to your user page and tell us something about yourself.

Add a page to your watchlist

Is your watchlist empty? Don't let it stay that way – the next time you edit a page that interests you, check the "Add this page to my watchlist" box before you save. Then, anytime someone edits that page, your watchlist will tell you!

Read the help pages

You're bound to come across some weird code in an edit window somewhere along the way. Take a look at Help:Introduction for a list of common wiki markup. Or Help:Wiki FAQ for answers to common questions.

Talk to someone

Maybe you have a question by now. Maybe you have a suggestion. Maybe you just want a friend. In any case, you can leave a message for any user by going to that user's talk page, clicking "edit" or "new section" at the top, typing your message (don't forget to sign with ~~~~), and clicking "save." For example, if you want to talk to User:Example, go to User talk:Example to leave a message.

Add an image to a page

This one requires two steps: first, upload an image by clicking "Upload file" on the left side of the screen and following the instructions. Then, using Help:Files as a guide, add the appropriate wiki markup to the page to which you'd like to add your image.

Change your preferences

This is one of the best advantages of creating an account – the ability to change your preferences. For example, you can:

  • Change your name/gender/password/email address (but not your username; sorry, that's more complicated)
  • Customize your signature (so typing ~~~~ gives something more interesting than just a plain blue link to your user page)
  • Edit some default settings:
  • Make all pages you edit appear on your watchlist, by default (good for keeping track of what's happening)
  • Change the size of the edit window
  • Make the default thumbnail image size larger or smaller