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This page introduces "Wiki Markup," that is, the tricks required to create various types of formatting in wikis.

Type this: Get:
Plain text Plain text
''Italics'' Italics
'''Bold''' Bold
'''''Bold italics''''' Bold italics
[[Link to a Mises Wiki page]] Link to a Mises Wiki page
[[MisesWiki:About|Link to MisesWiki:About but display different text]] Link to MisesWiki:About but display different text
[ Link to an external website] Link to an external website
==Level 2 header==

===Level 3 header===
====Level 4 header====

Level 2 header

Level 3 header

Level 4 header

<ref>Provide a reference</ref> [1] (see below for making it appear)
Show references: <references />
  1. Provide a reference
[[Category:Category name]] The category appears at the bottom of the page.
[[File:Frédéric Bastiat.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Image with caption]]

For additional image options, see Help:Files
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Image with caption
#REDIRECT [[to another page]] Makes the page automatically redirect readers to another page.
**with subbullet
  • Bulleted
  • list
    • with subbullet
##with subnumber
  1. Numbered
  2. list
    1. with subnumber
Indent text
:One level
::Two levels
:::Three levels, etc.
Indent text
One level
Two levels
Three levels, etc.
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