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Some Mises Academy courses incorporate the Mises Wiki into the syllabus, either as an optional activity (for extra credit or the like) or as a course requirement. This page explains how you can make such contributions.

If at any point you have difficulty, click here and ask for help.

Initial steps

To make a contribution for credit in the Mises Academy, you need to have a Mises Wiki account, and be familiar with the basics of editing and creating articles on Mises Wiki.

For instructions on how to do this, you have two options:

Once you have an account and understand these Mises Wiki basics, it's time to edit or create an article!

Add some information

Your professor has probably given you requirements for what and how much to add, but here are some general ones:

  • Describe the chosen topic clearly and concisely, using the third person
  • Don't copy from another website: use your own words
  • Make sure everything you write can be verified in a published source, such as a book, lecture, or scholarly paper.
  • Most importantly, you must specify the source of the information you contribute: tell us where the information came from.

To make this easier, if you are creating a new article, copy and paste the following template into it:

'''[Topic name]''' [topic description].

[A few sentences about your topic.]

*[Where the above information came from: book, lecture, etc.  Include the author and a url!]

Then, just replace the parts in [brackets].

If you are editing an existing article, incorporate the above structure into it: include your text, and add reference(s).

A few good examples of short articles that are properly referenced are:

Get credit for your contribution

Having made your contribution, you need to submit it for credit. The information you need to include is:

  • Your first and last name
  • The name of the course you are taking
  • Your Mises Wiki user name
  • The URL of the article you created or edited: make sure it works!
  • The time and date that you made your contribution

Send all this information to the reviewer designated by your professor.

That's it!

You're done! If you have any questions about this process, or need help, simply leave a message on the talk page, and someone will help you.