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Here is a list of proposed configuration changes to Mises Wiki.

Urgency levels

There are three levels of issue urgency. If you discover a security vulnerability, you should email that to webmaster@mises.org, rather than posting it to the wiki.

Level Example
High Technical problem causing major interference with reading or editing the site
Medium Important enhancement; technical glitch moderately degrading reader experience or editor productivity
Low Minor enhancement or relatively trivial technical glitch

Site owner vs. sysop assistance

Only the site owner can edit configuration settings in LocalSettings.php. Sysops can edit the MediaWiki namespace. If your problem can be addressed by a sysop, it may be just as well to take it to the sysop noticeboard or to the sysop's talk page. See the sysop user list.


Requiring site owner assistance

Firefox compatibility problems

Urgency: High


Firefox attempts to switch from http://wiki.mises.org to the https site, causing errors, such as redirection to the bastiat site or to the page not found site. David Veksler writes, "The latest Firefox just added SPDY support, which I just enabled for Mises.org. It seems that the SPDY support in Firefox is somehow buggy in that it redirects to HTTPS without the user asking it to. It's also possible that the way CloudFlare implemented SPDY is buggy. (Though that seems unlikely, since it's browser specific.) Some parts of Mises.org do not support HTTPS, which causes 404s. I think Firefox will be patched shortly, in the meantime, we have to disable SPDY. I will continue to test periodically to see if it's fixed. I will also work on adding HTTPS/SSL support to all Mises.org domains/sites."



Install Bugzilla

Urgency: Medium


mises.org lacks a sitewide issue tracker. Therefore, bugs end up being reported in multiple places (this page; Google Groups; private emails; etc.) An issue tracker would make it easier to consolidate and streamline reporting, discussion, updates, etc. pertaining to bugs.


Install Bugzilla. It seems to be one of the better bug trackers out there. A sysop can then edit the interwiki table to add an interwiki link to Bugzilla.

Strange RandomPage behavior

Urgency: Medium


Try hitting Special:RandomPage several times in a row. It seems to keep taking one to the same page over and over.



Table functionality

Urgency: Medium


The collapse and sorting functions of tables no longer work. The "show/hide" button and the sort arrows disappeared after the wiki installation upgrade.

Examples of tables that used to collapse:


It's caused by incompatibility with the mises_analytic_scripts in Special:ViewFiles#LocalSettings.php. The tables work when this line is commented out:

$wgHooks['SkinAfterBottomScripts'][] = 'mises_analytic_scripts';

We can either comment out that line (which will disable whatever functionality those mises_analytic_scripts provided), or fix the scripts somehow so they doesn't mess up the collapsible elements, or quit using collapsible elements on the wiki.

File restrictions

Urgency: Medium


There seems to be some kind of block on files uploaded to the wiki. Even when you are logged in, going to a file page makes the wiki behave as though you are logged out.

For administrators, this means there are no tabs for moving or blocking or deleting the page. (This isn't too big of an issue, as those options appear if you first click the edit tab to move beyond the main file page).

However, this means no one, not even an admin, can upload a new version of a file. This is normally an option on a wiki if you are logged in.


Hard to say. Maybe take a look at the settings mentioned at mw:Manual:Configuring_file_uploads#Upload_permissions?

Minor improvements

Urgency: Low

  • "Mises.org" link in the header directs to the wiki main page, instead of Mises.org
  • insert Mises Wiki Globe into the top left corner, as the logo of the Mises Wiki
  • There is an issue with the symbol that is supposed to separate the info at the footer of the wiki, causing blocks to show up. (Scroll to very bottom of page, look at the contact info for the LvMI)
  • For no apparent reason, there is an empty slot on the ribbon between "Donate" and "Store".
    Fixed: 5 October 2012
  • The "von" in the Wiki masthead at the top of all pages is capitalized...and it shouldn't be.
    Fixed: 21 August 2012

Requiring sysop assistance



Users are wasting their time futilely trying to get through the Asirra CAPTCHA to create a new account.

Change MediaWiki:Nologin to say something to the effect of, "Due to technical difficulties, new account creation is temporarily limited to sysops only. To request that an account be created for you, please send an email to user@mail.com." Nathan Larson (talk) 02:11, 11 September 2012 (MSD)

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