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Mainspace is the namespace reserved for encyclopedia articles. User:Pestergaines notes,[1]

The Mises Wiki, imperfect as it is, should be an encyclopedia. We should not editorialize and enter our own opinions - although they necessarily tend to seep through. (And to be fair, there are pages where some editorializing is okay - Talk and Argumentation pages, for example.) However, most of the content should be as neutral and well-referenced as possible to make it useful and respectable. There are countless other pages out there that rave about this or that evil in the world. Here, we want to approach things differently - the bad things (and the good things) should be defined as neutrally or even 'mainstream' as possible (hence my preference for sources like Britannica for definitions), and then show-don't-tell why is a particular thing considered bad (good, both, etc.) and by whom - then spell out the consequences. So even if we feel strongly about something, let's not offer opinion pages but let the 'authorities' speak instead, mapping out the arguments of the different sides of a debate. For example, we don't say that Inflation is evil, but rather define what it is and show its workings and consequences - even someone who disagrees with the typical libertarian/Austrian position on inflation should be able to see why they are so against it - and then we can lead a discussion on an entirely different level. (Similarly, let it not be said here that Paul Krugman is incompetent, but show all the instances where he contradicts himself or makes mistakes. :) )

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