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Mises Wiki uses several "Namespaces", each for different kinds of content.

  • Article namespaces:
    • Main namespace — (no prefix before title) used for articles that pertain to our mission. Articles in this namespace are intended to be collaborated on by any and all editors.
    • Argumentation namespace — articles designed to help equip libertarians to argue their points.
    • Miscellany namespace — articles of miscellaneous content including such of those intended to be humorous.
  • Namespaces for personal expression:
    • User namespace — contains user pages but also pages created by users for their own use, such as sandboxes (for creating new articles and other works in progress) and essays. These are to be edited by that user only (except to the extent that he has authorized others to edit those pages), although the corresponding talk pages are still community property.
    • Essay namespace — used for original works by a particular editor, which are usually marked as an original piece with a template giving the name of the author. The talk page is used to discuss the essay and remains public property open to any editor. Some essays are open for anyone to edit and serve more as "share your opinion" spaces than as essays. These essays are clearly marked as such.
    • Debate namespace — issues are posted for the Mises Wiki community to debate.The talk page is used to discuss the debate itself on a meta level.
  • Namespaces for content about Mises Wiki:
    • MisesWiki namespace — contains articles relating to the wiki project itself, such as policies and "meta-discussion".
    • Help namespace — contains our very helpful "help" articles.
  • Namespaces for technical purposes:
    • Category namespace — for organising Mises Wiki content. Every mainspace article should be in at least one category. See the list here.
    • Template namespace — content such as "info boxes" or userboxes are created on a template page so that they can easily be displayed on multiple other pages.
    • File namespace — files (generally images, but can include any other type of file permitted by the MediaWiki software) uploaded by users.


Namespace Alias Number
: 0
Argumentation: 404
Argumentation talk: 405
Book: 408
Book talk: 409
Category: 14
Category talk: 15
Debate: 410
Debate talk: 411
Essay: 406
Essay talk: 407
MisesWiki:File: 6
File talk: 7
Index: 400
Index talk: 401
Page: 402
Page talk: 403
MediaWiki: 8
MediaWiki talk: 9
Miscellany: 412
Miscellany talk: 413
Mises Wiki: 4
Mises Wiki talk: 5
Talk: 1
Template: 10
Template talk: 11
User: 2
User talk: 3