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The Party of Reason (Partei der Vernunft - PDV) is a libertarian political party in Germany founded in 2009 by the journalist and author Oliver Janich. The party's policies are based on the Austrian School of economics and it campaigns for a minimal state, free markets, decentralization of political power and subsidiarity. It rejects nationalism, racism and any kind of anti-democratic politics, whether from left or right.[citation needed]

Endorsement by Ron Paul

I applaud the PDV for crafting an outstanding manifesto for liberty. It calls for the rule of law; sound money; low taxes; and a noninterventionist defense policy. These principles apply to any free society, and they are the principles that libertarians must fight for around the world.[citation needed]

Endorsements by economics professors

Endorsements include:

  • Dr. Walter Block, Professor at Loyola University, New Orleans; and Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, USA: "I like the manifesto very much. I support it enthusiastically."
  • Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Professor Emeritus at the University of Nevada; President of the Property and Freedom Society; and Distinguished Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, USA: "I hope the Party of Reason and my friend Ron Paul in the United States are very successful. That would be very fortunate for Germany and the mindset that prevails there."
  • Dr. Jörg Guido Hülsmann, Professor at the University of Angers, France; Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, USA; Vice President of the Property and Freedom Society; and Advisor of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Germany: "The manifesto of the Party of Reason is outstanding. It is bold, visionary, and radical in the best sense of the word. It provides hope to see that there are people in Germany who don't want to simply continue applying short-term patches to the problems, which ultimately pushes us ever deeper into the abyss."
  • Dr. Thorsten Polleit, Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management; Chief Economist of Degussa Gold Dealership; President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Germany: "Convincing people of good and the right ideas will lead us to peace and prosperity. I wish the Party of Reason much success and staying power in this endeavor.[citation needed]

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