Walter Block

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Walter Block
"If it moves, you should privatise it; and if it doesn't move, you should privatise it. Since everything either moves or doesn't move, we should privatise everything."
—Walter Block

Walter Edward Block (born 21 August 1941) is a free market economist and anarcho-capitalist associated with the Austrian School of economics. He earned his PhD in Economics at Columbia University. He is an author, editor, and co-editor of many books, including Defending the Undefendable; Labor Economics from a Free Market Perspective; Lexicon of Economic Thought; Economic Freedom of the World 1975-1995; Rent Control: Myths and Realities; Discrimination, Affirmative Action, and Equal Opportunity; Theology, Third Word Development and Economic Justice; Man, Economy, and Liberty: Essays in Honor of Murray N. Rothbard; Religion, Econonomics, and Social Thought; and Economic Freedom: Toward a Theory of Measurement.

Dr. Block has written almost 500 articles for various scholarly refereed journals, and thousands of essays for magazines and newspapers, and is a contributor to such journals as The Review of Austrian Economics, Journal of Libertarian Studies, The Journal of Labor Economics, Cultural Dynamics, and the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. He is currently a professor and chair of economics, college of business administration, at Loyola University.


Books (as author)

  • Defending the Undefendable (1976; translated into Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian languages) ISBN 0-930073-05-3
  • A Response to the Framework Document for Amending the Combines Investigation Act (1982)
  • Focus on Economics and the Canadian Bishops (1983)
  • Focus on Employment Equity: A Critique of the Abella Royal Commission on Equality in Employment (with Michael A. Walker; 1985)
  • The U.S. Bishops and Their Critics: An Economic and Ethical Perspective (1986)
  • Lexicon of Economic Thought (with Michael A. Walker; 1988)
  • Economic Freedom of the World, 1975-1995 (with James Gwartney, Robert Lawson; 1996)
  • Labor Economics from a Free Market Perspective: Employing the Unemployable (2009)
  • The Privatization of Roads and Highways: Human and Economic Factors (2006)
  • Differing Worldviews: Two Scholars Argue Cooperatively about Justice Education (with Four Arrows; 2010)
  • Building Blocks for Liberty (2010)
  • Yes to Ron Paul and Liberty (2012)
  • Essays in Austrian Economics (with William Barnett; 2012)
  • The Case for Discrimination (2012)

Books (as editor)

  • Zoning: Its Costs and Relevance for the 1980s (Ed.; 1980)
  • Rent Control: Myths & Realities (Ed. with Edgar Olsen; 1981)
  • Discrimination, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (Ed. with Michael A. Walker; 1982)
  • Taxation: An International Perspective (Ed. with Michael A. Walker; 1984)
  • Economics and the Environment: A Reconciliation (Ed.; 1985; translated into Portuguese 1992) ISBN 0-88975-067-X
  • Morality of the Market: Religious and Economic Perspectives (Ed. with Geoffrey Brennan, Kenneth Elzinga; 1985)
  • Theology, Third World Development and Economic Justice (Ed. with Donald Shaw; 1985)
  • Reaction: The New Combines Investigation Act (Ed.; 1986)
  • Religion, Economics & Social Thought (Ed. with Irving Hexham; 1986)
  • Man, Economy and Liberty: Essays in Honor of Murray N. Rothbard (Ed. with Lew Rockwell; 1988)
  • Breaking the Shackles; the Economics of Deregulation: A Comparison of U.S. and Canadian Experience (Ed. with George Lermer; 1991)
  • Economic Freedom: Toward a Theory of Measurement (Ed.; 1991)
  • Libertarian Autobiographies (Ed.; forthcoming)